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Is there a database of retro game screenshots at their original resolutions?


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I'm doing a project at school and I need to demonstrate to the students the relative size differences and resolutions of different generations of consoles. So basically I need screenshots from each generation of consoles from NES to now at their original native resolutions. I guess maybe I could get these from an emulator, but I was wondering if there's an easy resource online for getting these without needing to capture them myself?

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In short, no.


No one repository. You might be able to find native resolution screenshots scattered around the place - of incredibly varying quality - and piece something together from that. But as with most anything I do requiring screenshots of retro games, your best bet is going to be to take them yourself.

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Yeah, probably the closest to a good repository would be Mobygames (particularly since they removed their watermarking from images), but that's still going to be hit and miss on resolution.

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Mobygames is absolutely hit and miss, but can work. Gamespress is littered with broken links for older games.


I think the problem with press shots for games of any age is that they're rarely at the native resolution. They're often (though not always) spruced up somewhat, especially in the SD era.

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