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Your earliest movie memories...


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I think the earliest movie memory I have is seeing Superman in the cinema. According to my mum I was two at the time (I know, wtf, but my parents weren't exactly the brightest), but I think she's misremembering as the chances of me remembering anything before I was three are slim. But the opening credits to Superman, and the scene with Lois in his arms, are etched in my memory.


However, that's not actually why I'm starting this thread, because I have more solid memories of the Star Wars trilogy. 


Star Wars

I was four, and this had just made terrestrial TV.  My family as a kid are in the big living room of the old house before we moved to the house I grew up in. I can't recall everything of that evening, but one scene sticks in my mind. It's when Luke is looking for R2 at night, and C-3PO begs Luke, "please don't deactivate me!" My four year-old self was genuinely afraid that Threepio was going to be switched off! :lol:


The Empire Strikes Back

My memory of this isn't the film itself, but the blue screen with the VHS or whatever blurb prior to the rental starting. I'm sat close to the TV and this time it's just my dad and my brother. Perhaps my mum was at work. That's all I can remember of this one.


Return of the Jedi

This is a clear memory. All my family as a kid are in the living room of the house I grew up in. On the TV there's a silhouetted figure walking into Jabba's Palace. "That's Darth Vader!", I say. "No it's not, it's Luke Skywalker!", says my bother. "No, it's Darth Vader!", "It's Luke Skywalker!" ... we all know, it was Luke, I was wrong. ;)


So what are you earliest movie memories?

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Ghostbusters 2 (no, seriously).


It was December 1989, so I would’ve been five at the time. My sister was two-and-a-half, and my mum was heavily pregnant with my brother. Knowing I was obsessed with Ghostbusters (the film and the cartoon series), she took us all out on her own on the train, including pram, with a bus and a walk either side for good measure.


I remember being super excited, wore my The Real Ghostbusters sweatshirt, and took ‘Fright Features’ Egon with me:



I also remember being absolutely terrified of the Scoleri brothers. GB2 gets a bad rap, but it’ll always have a special place in my heart for this reason.

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Early Disney's, obviously - Bambi (for the trauma), Pinocchio, Jungle Book. I had a Jungle Book viewer when I was a kid.


One early movie memory I only know via deduction - for years as a kid I had a dream where an invisible monster climbed a ladder - you could tell because the steps bent under the weight.


Then when I was about 14 I saw 'Forbidden Planet' on TV and it clicked. I had always been an SF nut as a kid, watching Star Trek, Green Lantern, Wild, Wild West, all the Gerry Anderson’s. I must have watched FP as a small kid, and been scared ****less by the ID monster...

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I remember having seen Star Wars on TV at Christmas I was really excited for Return of the Jedi (I was young enough that I didn't even know that TESB existed).  I had a comic version, about the size of a penguin paperback that I'd read every day for a month. 


My parents had just separated and I knew that I wasn't going to see it, but I can still remember feeling the excitement ready to burst out of my chest.


Then my uncle Andrew surprised me with a trip to the cinema and I finally got to see that Luke/Vader fight.


The ewoks were shit.

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I remember my dad taking me to see Jaws when I was six years old(!) at the ABC cinema in Sheffield. The cinema had two screens, and I think the screening we saw was in the smaller auditorium. The scene with the face in the sunken boat was definitely something to remember!


I no doubt saw other movies before then - I saw plenty of Disney animations like Jungle Book and Robin Hood - but I don't recall the specific visits in the same way as with Jaws.

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Flash Gordon: First ever cinema visit and it was amazing. Saw it in a cinema at Quinton, I must have been eight or nine. Loved every minute. I can't remember the film from that screening but I do recall the forest trial. And oddly, that we had to park on a random street. 


I think I saw Empire Strikes Back after that, with an intermission! Then Superman II, with my dad. 


I was completely sold on cinema after Flash Gordon, but the next two movies just reconfirmed how incredible film was, and remains. 

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My Mum took me to see ET at the cinema. My Dad didn't want to go so he stayed at home. He decided to try and cook beef stew and dumplings and I remember the dumplings were rock hard. I don't remember the film. I was 6 years old. 

We'd just moved to the UK from Gibraltar and I also remember feeling miserable about it and freezing cold as it was near Xmas time.

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My cousin coming out of TMNT at the East Kilbride odeon and his legs turning to absolute jelly and he couldn't walk. 


Some absolute rocket not wanting to allow me Into Terminator 2 and wanting ID. My dad "had a word" and it was all ok. My dad was a big scary bastard. And I'm so pleased he was a big scary bastard that day. 


Taking my girlfriend at the time to see the Full Monty and both of us getting a little over excited up the back. 


I had seen a bunch of films before these but this is all I remember. 

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My earliest memories of watching stuff are from ~1989-1991, when I was aged about 3-5. However we got a VCR at about that time, so it's hard to know how much of my memories are from first viewings, and how much they've been influenced by rewatches when I was a bit older!


TV programmes:

(I wrote this list out before I noticed that you'd specified movie memories, not film & TV memories! :blush:)


* Rosie and Jim

* The Sooty Show

* Puddle Lane

* Sesame Street

* The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show

* Various other animated series: Bertha, The Trap Door, Thomas the Tank Engine, Postman Pat, Mr Benn, Captain Pugwash, The Clangers, Jimbo and the Jet-Set, Henry's Cat, The Raggy Dolls, The Shoe People

* Count Duckula (but somehow I don't remember ever seeing Danger Mouse)

* Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles

* Thundercats

* Hartbeat/Take Hart (although looking at the original broadcast dates on IMDb, these must have been repeats - unless IMDb's episode list is incomplete, which is not impossible)

* Timmy Mallett on Wacaday

* Very vague memories of the CITV Saturday morning shows Ghost Train and Motormouth. Actually the only thing I can remember of Motormouth is the title sequence at 3:45 in the video below:






Films on TV:

* Raggedy Ann & Andy

* Animal Farm

* Yellow Submarine :wub:

* The Snowman/Father Christmas

* Christmas broadcasts of some of the classic Disneys: Pinocchio, Alice in Wonderland

* Disney Time showing clips of other Disney films 

* I must have seen all or part of The Jungle Book at some point too, because I remember being scared of Kaa's hypnotic eyes. (We saw the film in the cinema in its 1993 re-release, and I know I'd already seen the Kaa bit before then!)


Videos borrowed from the library:

* Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

* Superman IV

* Dumbo (Pink Elephants on Parade scared the hell out of me!)

* Who Framed Roger Rabbit

* DuckTales: Treasure of the Lost Lamp

* Ghostbusters 2 (the only things I remember from that first viewing were the "Who you gonna call? He-Man!" bit at the children's party at the start, and the Statue of Liberty walking. I think I must have seen the first Ghostbusters before this, but I don't have any memories of that until we taped a later TV broadcast)


Films I saw at the cinema:

* Oliver and Company (I think we missed the very start of the film, because I remember some time later we were in a shop and I found a tie-in picture book, and I showed it to my mum, pointing out the bit we'd missed!)

* All Dogs Go to Heaven (I remember it made me cry :()

* Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (I remember it being too dark to see anything)

* Hook

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12 hours ago, Steve McQueef said:

And this, in Superman III:


Still horrific. That and Rawhead Rex spun me out as a kid. Oh, and the monster at the end of Big Trouble In Little China. 

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The order of events is all jumbled so I don’t know what was early or just something I happen to remember.


I was always convinced the first movie I saw at the cinema was Disney’s Robin Hood, but I was born in 77 and I don’t think the dates work out. It might have been the Fox and the Hound? I definitely saw E.T. at the cinema, and Indiana Jones - Temple of Doom for sure - probably too young for Raiders but if I went to see E.T, who knows… also definitely saw Return of the Jedi. I remember first watching Star Wars on TV at someone’s house and being scared by the skeletons.


I remember being stood in the crowded lobby at the cinema in Orkney (waiting for something I don’t remember and seeing posters for Mosquito Coast, and because it was Harrison Ford thinking how cool that film must be. I also remember walking to the cinema with my family to see Ghostbusters and some guys shouting “who you gonna call?” at us (only one cinema in Orkney with one screen so everyone knew what was playing) - I hid behind my knees when Sigourney weaver went all spooky - and then the same guys shouting the same thing when we went to see Back to the Future a year or two later. Kirkwall is a small town.

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1 hour ago, glb said:

Still horrific. That and Rawhead Rex spun me out as a kid. Oh, and the monster at the end of Big Trouble In Little China. 

Almost as bad as the Nazi face melt at the end of Raiders of The Lost Ark.  That absolutely gave me nightmares as a kid.

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I think my first cinema memories are either do an impression of Herbie in the street after coming out of The Love Bug or going to see The Jungle Book with my gran. I must have been about 4-5. 

Some other early memories 


Being absolutely shit scared of the tv spot for The Shining 

Just the movie poster for Omen 3 scaring me outside the cinema 

My mum not wanting to see Superman 2 so she dumped me and my brother on some teenage boy (I think we were 9 and 6) to take us in due to the rating. 
crying on the bus on the way home from Bambi (think I was 6-7)

Turning up late to a double header of Dumbo/The Spaceman and King Arthur so my mum had a word with the staff and we got to see both films by staying after one performance to see the next. 

A later one


My mum failing to get my 13 year old brother into Robocop so she sent him off to the arcade. Mum and I went in, only for her to leave half way through as she had had “enough of the silly robot”. I, of course stayed until the end. 

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I’ve told this story before, but my dad took me to see Jaws at the cinema. I think we got away with it due to Cert A being a bit of an ambiguous ‘May not be suitable for younger children’. They had an intermission just after the Orca left Quint’s shack (the shot through the shark jaws), the lights went up, my dad went to get me a kia-ora or a tub of ice cream or something, and I felt a tap on my shoulder, turned round, and my regular babysitter was there with her boyfriend and said “What are you doing here ?!?”. I should quantify that I was born in March 1971, so was coming up to 5 yrs old. Some may view that as a parental fail, but I loved the film (still my favourite) and it started a fascination with sharks; every library book, documentary etc. Am going diving with Great Whites again in August. As an aside, when they changed the certification system, Jaws was rated a PG until 2012, when it was raised to a 12A for theatrical re-release, so you could still take a 4-5 year old to see it.


Going to see the Star Wars OT at first release with my older brother - we’ve been to see all the SW films together since.


@sandmanI was also scared shitless by the TV spot for The Shining. The backlit silhouette of Nicholson limping through the snow with the axe !

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My grandmother sitting down with me to watch notable animated kids caper Watership Down when I was four. Still not fucking over it.


First cinema memory couldn't be much better though. Dad taking me to Wimpey and then to see The Transformers: The Movie at the cinema in Loughborough when I was five. He got a right bollocking from my mum when we got home late having spent the better part of £10 just before Christmas.

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5 minutes ago, revol said:

Dad sat me down to watch Silent Running. I’ve still not wiped away the tears some 35years later. 

I wish I could love Silent Running. It’s such an interesting premise, perhaps one of the most interesting ever committed to film, but I find the direction poor and the score far too overbearing. 

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My first cinema trip was early 80’s to go see the fox and the hounds … god what a traumatising Disney movie!!


but first real movie  memory is watching the tv premiere of Star Wars on itv. For weeks they had been advertising the hell of it (I was about 4 at the time so had no idea of the movie). It blew my little mind away and set me on coarse of geekness that has never stopped!

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It wasn't a movie, but I distinctly remember going to the cinema and watching classic Looney Toons animations on the big screen. 


My love of Bugs Bunny has never diminished 45-odd years later!

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Very early 80s, going to see a Disney movie matinee with my mum (think it was a re-run of 101 Dalmatians), and having to sit through a live-action short film beforehand (probably some other Disney thing). I remember it being about some young Native American boy. It was probably 20-odd minutes long, but I was promised cartoons, and it felt like about four hours. I think this "support feature" nonsense was quite common with Disney films back in the day.


Also very early 80s, at some old men's social club, sitting on the dancefloor with a few dozen other kids, as a projector played the Robin Williams "Popeye" movie. Audio was barely audible above the chattering of the many adults around the perimeter of the room, all drinking and smoking.

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