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1 hour ago, Masterbeef said:

Just watched episode 1. Enjoyed it a lot, but can someone please explain how the time travel rules work. I was just completely baffled by the end of the episode.


The people who are "in on it" or muties can remember what happened in the looped bit of time. No one else can.

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Oh and … all those niggles people have spoilered pale into insignificance compared to



George taking his SIM

card out so he couldn’t be tracked and then Archie being able to call him in the middle of nowhere (so don’t give me any wifi calling jibberjabber)


but I forgive him all his dickheadedness because of the one moment where he spots his neighbour’s uniform :lol:


And the thing about Sarah dumping him in spite of previously marrying, having a baby etc - I thought that was a perfect reaction to how smothering he was being after he brought her back


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Binged the first series this week, and really enjoyed it. Clever twists. And then ironically for a program about time travel they left themselves a lot of work to do in that final act of episode 8 - and made things even more complex!

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