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Rllmuk's most anticipated games of the next 18 months - winners announced!

Jamie John

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Only a few things for me - 2022 kind of blew its load early with Elden Ring and D2: The Witch Queen in February, but I have my eye on other bits and pieces...


1. Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth - Winter 2023 - PS5


They could fuck it all up, and it could be delayed further, but Remake was an absolutely bonkers ride and I'm down for more. Whilst I know that there will be a lot of weird new shit in there, I'm pretty sure they'll find contrived excuses to tour more familiar locations but perhaps with some subversive twists thrown in. I even played through Intermission earlier this year whilst knowing very little about the Deep Ground nonsense, but the music, combat and general production still made it a pretty fun time, so I'm fairly easily pleased.


2. Outmode - 22nd June 2022 - PC





This is a pretty modest indie racer I played during Steam NextFest, and it's going for the retro arcade drift-friendly feel that a lot of others have tried, but with Power Drive 2000 MIA and Drift Stage abandoned, I've been continuing to look for a nice piece of racing fun that isn't just the Outrun 2006 install on my desktop. It's very garish and simplistic, but if it comes out at a reasonable price (and my wallet survives the Steam summer sale) I'm willing to give it a try. And it'll support custom soundtracks! :wub: 


3. Metal: Hellsinger - 15th September 2022 - PC


The other NextFest game that caught my attention. I never ended up playing BPM: Bullets Per Minute - I just found myself sort of appreciating it from a distance - but Metal: Hellsinger has such a promising dedication to its vibe and aesthetic that I find it more appealing. Even though I'm not a massive metalhead, the marriage of rocking riffs and combo scoring against hordes of demons works amazingly well.


4. Persona 5 Royal (PC) - 21st October 2022 - PC





Last on my list because, well, I own it and I've played it on PS4. But PC releases allow games to live forever :P so I'm definitely tempted to double-dip when it comes around. Whilst I don't think it's as good as 4 (and even 3 was preferable when it came to lightning-fast exploration), it's still a fun game in its own right. I do fret about PC specs with things like this, but it's an update to a game that started out on PS3, so maybe it will be okay?

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Hrm, I’m completely out of the upcoming games loop really, but I’ll give it a go…


1. Whatever MS/Asobo have planned for MSFS (PC, next 12 months)


250 flying hours in this is still my “game” of the generation. My next project once I move is to build a rudder controller for it, and I can’t wait to see what updates come over the next 12 months

2. Persona 5 Royal (PC, Oct)


Never finished non-Royal on PS4 and had been hoping this would come eventually. Being a Gamepass game is icing on cake. Expecting this to be my Christmas game. 

3. God of War Vikings or whatever it’s called (PS5, ermm, 2023?)


This is pretty much what may get me to get a PS5. Loved the first one, it was hard but approachable and had some wonderful characters in it, and the CRUNCHIEST combat, really satisfying and visceral. 

4. Satisfactory v1 (PC, ?)


Got a bit addicted to the in EA, looking forward to the final release


5. Breath of the Wild 2 (Switch, 2023)


Sequel to one of best games ever. ‘Nuff said

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Might edit this later as more occur to me, but for now:


1. Return to Monkey Island

2. Street Fighter VI

3. Bayonetta 3

4. Sonic Frontiers

5. Sonic Origins

6. Matchpoint - Tennis Championships


We don't have a thread on the last one, and reactions I've seen from people who've played the demo on Steam have been pretty lukewarm. But I'm listing it because it's welcome to see a new tennis game, one that's a bit less arcadey than Virtua Tennis. It's coming out on Gamepass in a couple of weeks. If the gameplay in this first one is promising, hopefully it'll do well enough to get a sequel with more player and tournament licences (which seems to be the biggest complaint about it from what I've seen online).

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1. Somerville

2. Breath of the Wild 2

3. Planet of Lana

4. The Callisto Protocol

5. Redfall

6. Deathloop

7. Forza Motorsport

8. Starfield

9. Cocoon

10. Stalker


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1. Starfield

2. Forza Motorsport

3. Stalker

4. Two Point Campus

5. Resident Evil 4 remake

6. Diablo 4

7. A Plague Tale : Requiem

8. The Last Case of Benedict Fox

9. High on Life

10. Hellblade 2


All day one on game pass. (Except Resi 4)

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10 hours ago, Jamie John said:

No one? Maybe ten is too many games. Just five?

Are there even ten coming out in the next 18 months that are worth listing? 

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1. Resident Evil 4 Remake


Huge fan of the franchise, and the original holds a dear spot in my heart. It was my first import game as a teenager, and I couldn't wait the few months it was gonna take. I have no doubt it will be at the very least a somewhat nostalgic, visual treat. 


2. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth


Loved the original as a kid, and loved remake. Happy with whatever direction they take it in, the characters have me in throughout, and the world is brilliant. 


3. God of War Ragnarok


Not the biggest fan of the combat, but the world and art direction is just staggering. 


4. Hollow Knight Silksong


Big fan of the original, and whilst not my favourite Metroidvania, it was still a great time. Sure this will be no different! 


5. Dead Space


Never really played the original, just number 2 but really enjoyed it. 


6. Persona 4 Golden 


Got this on Steam but it is far too big to sit at my desk. Need some console action and it is happening. I will probably 1000g Royale too as I did on PS4. 


Aye... all games from the past. Nothing new feels remotely as exciting as big remakes to be honest and that is not good. 




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On 18/06/2022 at 19:32, Jamie John said:

Yes. See my OP.

Yeah, so... are there even ten coming out in the next 18 months that are worth listing? ;) Come on, man, two of yours are remakes/remasters, and another is a sequel to a game you don't actually rate that much: Plague Tale, a game I stopped playing early on because I could see it was naff. 


You have quite literally scraped the barrel to draw out a top ten. 

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2 minutes ago, Thor said:

Yeah, so... are there even ten comong out in the next 18 momths that are worth listing? ;) Come on, man, two of yours are remakes/remasters, and another is a sequel to a game you don't actually rate that much: Plague Tale, a game I stopped playing early on because I could see it was naff. 


You have quite literally scraped the barrel to draw out a top ten. 


Well I had a long list of about 20 games, then narrowed it down to 10!


But I take you're point and have updated the thread title to get rid of the 'ten games' bit, so now it's up to ten games.


What are you looking forward to?

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5 minutes ago, Jamie John said:

What are you looking forward to?

The cold embrace of death ... nah, I'll have a look at what's due out. I reckon I can draw up a solid top 5.

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1. BOTW2

2. God of War Ragnarok

3. Stray

4. Skate Story

5. Silksong

6. Street Fighter 6

7. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

8. Resi 4 Remake

9. Final Fantasy 16

10. Bayonetta 3

Honourable mention: Forza Motorsport 8



I reserve the right to change this if there’s a Nintendo Direct at the end of the month as rumoured. 

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1 hour ago, Jamie John said:

Can't believe I'm the only one to vote for SILKSONG so far.


I can't believe I'm the only one to vote for Return to Monkey Island so far! :o

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6 minutes ago, Nick R said:


I can't believe I'm the only one to vote for Return to Monkey Island so far! :o


It was in my long list, but I don't think we know enough about it yet to get truly excited, and the more recent Monkey Island games (by which I mean the Telltale episodic series and Escape From Monkey Island, released 22 years ago) weren't a patch on the original trilogy, so people's expectations are probably in check. Still, the return of Gilbert and Grossman, and most of the original voice cast, is definitely reason enough to be hopeful.

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Probably the next God Of War and StreetFighter 6 are the two on my radar at the moment. But won't be in a rush to play them day one. Happy to wait a bit as it's not as if I don't have anything to play :)


I'm more interested in seeing how Sony's new PS+ Premium turns out! Held of PS Now for a long while so appreciate the fact they are rolling everything into one service. Be great to have a back catalogue of Playstation games at my fingertips many of which I probably missed first time around. I know I could mess about with emulators and such on the PC but nothing really beats convenience sometimes!


Of course PSVR2 and new content on that I am eagerly awaiting and anticipating above any other games or content. From my experience of PSVR I know Sony will truly nail the experience! Hopefully we'll get that on the next 18 months!


Saying all this I try to live in the now and enjoy what I can play/experience now. So tend not to look at and track future releases too much other than having an awareness they are on the roadmap. Too many times things get delayed and expectations end up so high people's experiences are crushed when they actually get to play.


Also you just end up constantly waiting for the next big thing whilst not fully appreciating what you do have.

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  1. Splatoon 3.
  2. Zelda: BOTW 2.
  3. Stray
  4. Whatever the forum throws up that I had forgotten

That's how it goes these days - I no longer track what's coming out; there are a couple of things I'm aware of because they're  well-hyped and trustworthy devs, or sequels to games I love, or look really cool, but mostly I wait to see how the forum reacts.


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1: Starfield - Xbox/PC - Q1/Q2 2023
Nobody makes games quite like Bethesda do. 


2: Stray - PlayStation/PC - 19/07/2022
You get to play as a cat.


3: Final Fantasy XVI - PS5 - Summer 2023
I will never not be incredibly excited about a new FF game.


4: Resident Evil 4 Remake - PlayStation/Xbox/PC - 24/3/2023
After the remakes of 2 and 3, this should be fantastic. 


5: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 - Switch - Q1/Q2 2023
Direct sequel to one of the best games ever made.


6: The Callisto Protocol - PlayStation/Xbox/PC - 2/12/2022
Like Dead Space, but sooner.


7: Pentiment - Xbox/PC - November 2022
Unique art and gameplay.


8: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion - PlayStation/Xbox/Switch/PC - Winter 2022
One of two games that ever got me involved enough in the story to make me cry.


9: Routine - Xbox/PC - Q1/Q2 2023
Cool and creepy.


10: One Piece Odyssey - PlayStation/Xbox Series/PC - 2022
Maybe less shit than all the other One Piece games I've ever played.

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1. Forza Motorsport

It's been years since I got into the campaign mode on a racing game. GT7s sounds good but I don't want to go near it until I know how Forza compares. I'll go with whichever one people say is better. 


2. StreetFighter 6

I'm bad at fighting games but I always want to love them. MK is the only series that's given me enough to do in single player that I've felt like I've gotten value out of buying the game. I'm hopeful Capcom can finally produce a game where there's enough stuff for me to do where I can build up a decent understanding of the game without it feeling like a grind. 


3. Avowed

This is partly down to what it represents as it's possibly going to be the first big test of the studios Microsoft have bought and integrated into Xbox(I'm not counting Bethesda's studios as that structure still seems to exist in some form inside Microsoft). If this shows that MS studios can deliver games with the same level of quality Sony do then we are in for some great times. 


4. Starfield


I know what they showed had performance issues but the more grounded aesthetic and slightly grungy universe seems cool as hell to me.


5.Rocksteadys Suicide Squad Game

The name is clearly not memorable but the studio makes great games and have been working on this for years. 


6. Pentiment

I'm not sure what this is but the ideas floating around it have got me interested. 


7. The Plucky Squire


Only seen the trailer but this looked fantabulous. 


8. Stray


It looks charming in the trailers.



9.UFO 50 


Look maybe I'm being naive by putting this on here but sod it, I firmly believe that this will finally come out before the end of 2023. 


10. God of War Ragnarok


Chunky Thor must die. 


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1. F1 22 (Jun 2022)

It’s F1 and basically the next game I’m buying, preordered.


2. God of War Ragnarok (2022)

Still to play the original but this is bound to be one of the best games of the next 18mths.


3. Test Drive Solar Crown (2023)

FH5 left me cold so I’m betting on this for my open world driving fix.


4. F1 Manager 22 (Aug 2022)

More F1 but looking surprisingly great. 


5. FIFA 23 (Sep 2022)

It’s World Cup Year, so have to. It’ll be Tournament time with my son, which he always wins lol.

6. Forza Motorsport (2023)

I suspect it’ll be more of the same but I just hope they bring something refreshing to the racing genre. If so I might sub to GPU on PC for a few months.


There are a few others but I suspect they’re more than 18mths out

Spider-Man  2 

IO James Bond game


I hope Sony and Nintendo have some surprises in store, if not my backlog including God of War, Control, Days Gone, Hollow Knight, Sniper 4 and Jedi Fallen Order will keep me going. 







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1. Ghost of Tsushima PC Port (TBC)


All but confirmed, I’ll be all over this day one as I haven’t had a PS4 since around 2017 and it’s one of the few Sony exclusives I’m itching to play.


2. Resident Evil 4 Remake (2023)


While I don’t feel RE4 is one of the greatest games ever made 😱 it’s still really good and the remake will no doubt be fantastic!


3. Starfield (2023)


Surely it’s going to be epic?! With no new Fallout likely to appear (F76 can go f**k itself) this is perhaps the next best thing as far as futuristic RPGs go?


4. Return to Monkey Island (2022)


Please don’t be a disappointment!


5. Stalker 2 (2023?)


I really like the Stalker series, but they’re getting a bit long in the tooth. Can’t wait for this one!


6. Diablo IV (2023)


As a huge fan of D3 and finding D2 Remaster a disappointment, I have high hopes for D4 not sucking like a hoover with a full bag. Just please, leave all the pay to win crap at the door, eh?!

7. TMNT Cowabunga Collection (2022)


I’m loving Shredder’s Revenge and I’m really looking forward to this collection coming out! 



I need to see what else is coming out… I’ll be back with an edit!


(edit: removed Pocky & Rocky as it’s out now)

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2 hours ago, Broker said:


Oh yeah I forgot about that, it looks ace and managed to stand out in a sea of other sci-fi horror games.

I also forgot to mention Cocoon, from the gameplay designer of Limbo and the other one. Looks like some really satisfying puzzle solving. 

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I'm really struggling at the moment to stay interested in anything I'm playing, because I seem to have backed myself into a corner of only liking a specific handful of series. Whenever I step out of this comfort zone there'll be something incredibly minor about whatever I try that causes me to ditch it. The only things I can think of that will undoubtedly stick are:


1 - Diablo IV


God knows how much time I put into Diablo III, and I still fire it up occasionally. I just never tire of this specific brand of grinding and looting.


2 - Soul Hackers 2


I will collect all these demons again. Just keep 'em coming. Straight to PC as well.


- Persona 5 Royal


I hammered the original and I own this on PS4, but for some reason I've been holding out for a PC port. I think I just want to buy it to help prove the point that Atlus are well aware of.

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  • Jamie John changed the title to Rllmuk's most anticipated games of the next 18 months - winners announced!

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