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Football thread 2022/23


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Pep's a twat for taking him off at half time - if/when Arsenal start dropping points and Man City start running away with the league then the only interesting thing about this season in terms of the Prem/'big' teams is will Haaland score 100 goals before Easter.

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Not that we've been scoring many, but it is hard to get your head round that a player has scored 10 more goals than your team this season and played 2 less games 


Haaland - 19 in 11 games

Cardiff -  9 in 13 games (12 league games and 1 cup game).



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I do always enjoy Barney Ronay in the Guardian but this was especially good:





It turns out after all that manic hands-on engagement, the new tactical forms, that this is the way to do it: a great pounding goal-fist up front and Guardiola reduced from the hands and the brain of his team to the managerial equivalent of hovering near the self‑checkout tills in case anyone needs a bag.


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England drawn with Italy in Euro 2024 qualifying. Scotland have Spain, Wales have Croatia, the draw is ongoing.


Ireland are in with Netherlands and France, which puts paid to any hopes to qualifying directly. Playoffs it'll have to be. Scotland have also drawn Europe's youngest country, the wonderful state of Haaland, while Italy and England are joined by Ukraine, and Croatia and Wales get Armenia.


So far, excellent draw for Wales.

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Couldn't really have gone much worse for Ireland. Gibraltar came out of the hat first, but they can't be drawn against Spain, so at least there's less chance of finishing bottom.


Group G's an odd one, because as well as Hungary did to grab a first seed spot, you'd see Serbia as the favourites and two of the others still thinking they could slip in. Scotland have a decent chance and a playoff to fall back on, while England ought to stroll through as always, and Wales and Croatia should have enough to see themselves through. Northern Ireland should be happy if they can finish fourth, and the way they're performing that's no guarantee.

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