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Football thread 2022/23


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Manchester City: Greater Manchester Police’s average figures were 7,482 lower than club figures, again based on 12 games.




That is from 2018 though.  But eyes don’t deceive, often there are large numbers of empty seats at City and attendance looks way below its capacity.

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Juve do have a small stadium compared to most other comparable sides. And they’re at 90% capacity compared to Sunderland’s 77%. But 37k in the Championship is still mightily impressive.


Imagine Man City have a sizeable number of Abu Dhabi-based season ticket holders that definitely exist because there’s no way they’re averaging 96% capacity.

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Went to Wales v Poland last night.


Polish fans were very 'lively' - don't think I'd fancy being anywhere near them against a team they don't like.  Fireworks being fired into the sky and they don't throw flares - they just stand and hold them.  Probably the loudest away fans I've seen since we moved from Ninian - international or domestic.


For a relegation clash from a tournament no-one cares about it certainly felt like a much bigger deal.  On the pitch, the Polish spent half of the game rolling around on the floor while Wales couldn't really get a ball in the box despite plenty of effort.  Bale played the 90 minutes, but looks completely fucked - like they'd brought someone out of retirement who hadn't played for 5/10 years to take free kicks.


Might have been the last time he plays in a Wales shirt at home if he retires after Qatar.



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4 hours ago, Fry Crayola said:


Almost as if, whisper it - someone cares.

Yeah, I think quite a lot of teams care, and all those going to the World Cup were also probably hoping to find some form in these matches too.


Plus, as mentioned, the seeding for the Euros makes it worthwhile too, even if you don't care much for this tournament or format.


I personally haven't ever watched any of it (but then I only ever watch any WC/Euro tournament matches these days), but I don't deny it is better than lots of aimless friendlies (though there are still too many of those.)

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There's still that gap between the end of a qualifying campaign and the start of the subsequent tournament, that leads to a bunch of friendlies in March and then tournament warm ups in June, but aside from that I'm not sure there aren't many left. 


Since the start of the Nations League in September 2018, England have played 8 friendlies. Two were in March 2021, two as warm ups for Euro 2020, but the others were either because of the three-team groups of the original Nations League format leaving two empty dates, or because the pandemic-delayed Euro playoffs created three-fixture international breaks in autumn 2020.


The latter four ought not happen again, really.


@Naysonymous said it well a while back - it's an excellent tournament for a lot of sides because it tends to give everyone something to play for against teams of a similar level. That said, I do wonder if at some point UEFA will acknowledge that it remains a third priority for the top teams, and try to integrate it even more or outright replace qualification to the Euros.

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With just under eight weeks until the World Cup, who’s everyone picking?


Leaning between Brazil or Argentina, although would certainly prefer seeing Messi finally lifting the World Cup over Neymar.


Netherlands my outside bet, so look forward to them going out on penalties in the quarters.

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