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E3 moments


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Just feeling a bit maudlin about no E3 - I think my fondest memories of RLLMUK are the E3 threads, didn't really know anyone into games enough to watch E3 but religiously followed the threads. I just saw 2004 Nintendo being recommended and indeed Reggie is just.. it's amazing! So I thought I'd do this thread for people's, general reminiscences. I remember finding this video funny, a quite watchable 30 minute gif collection, how was this nearly a decade ago.. it both seems like yesterday but another time entirely in terms of the what the internet now is..?


I have this memory of getting E3 trailers from someone on here on CD? 


So yeah, share?



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I enjoyed Wind Waker, but as it quickly dawned on people we were looking at a trailer for a new Zelda more inline with how expectations were set from the N64 games I felt like I was a part of a celebration montage scene from the end of a Hollywood movie. Maybe that guy gripping the bathroom curtain from The Truman Show. Crowds kissed and cheered as they filled Times Square. Fighter Jets did a stunt fly past down the Thames, men in suits lit cigars and collapsed back in their chairs shedding manly tears.


He really was about kicking ass and taking names.


That’s how we remembered it afterward in a world on the cliffs edge before social media became a thing.


The reality involved a lot more PowerPoint presentation of quarterly reports and projections.


Nostalgia lives in the past for a reason.

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I'll always remember 2010 as being my favourite, at least in terms of the coverage here. It was the year of Konami's absolutely wild "1 million troops" conference, MS lost their minds dedicating half the show to Kinect and Sony wielded out their marketing character, Kevin Butler to address the audience and Gabe Newell made a surprise appearance. The memes which followed, the commentary, the biting insults. 🤣 I honestly can't remember if there were many decent games unveiled but in terms of spectacle, it was my favourite.


Other stand out moments were the PS4 reveal, when they unveiled the lack of DRM and the 399 price. The audience reaction was nothing short of frenzied, a lot of good vibes from that show.

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Sony's mic drop response to Xbox One's always-online plans:



(Of course it was all meaningless anyway because more and more publishers jumped on the live service bandwagon and so they made online connectivity a requirement...)

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20 minutes ago, Calashnikov said:




Fucking hell.


If I look up the word cringe in an online dictionary, I'd expect to find a link to this video. Jesus christ that was hard to watch. 

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A nice one rather than an excruciating one.


My memory is that Rabbids kinda came out of nowhere. The natural first reaction is “ah shit, rabbids?"


But then Miyamoto got up there, made some funnies and praised the game’s director. His reaction changed my whole attitude towards the game.


I eventually bought it and quite enjoyed it ya know?



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