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Capcom Showcase 13/06/2022 11pm BST


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Resident Evil 4 does look somewhat incredible just from that very brief moment. And importantly, it's going in a different direction and following the Resi 2 and 3 template rather than try to recreate the original by the looks of it. Going for that "feel" of tension you got from playing it the first time rather than just remastering it again.

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3 minutes ago, teddymeow said:



Resi 2 and Resi 3 back up to full price on the digital storefronts 


If you have Xbox, CDKeys have 7 for £7, 2 for £11 and 3 for £15.


Just bought 7 as it's left Gamepass and weighing up 2. Not really interested in playing 3 again I have to admit.

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*packs Mega Man and Phoenix Wright hopes back into a cupboard for another year*


Resi stuff looked cool, mind. Outside of the obvious centrepiece of the 4 Remake, the Village side story looked really interesting too as well as the third-person viewpoint for the main game.

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Lol, that weird Dragon’s Dogma video they’ve got lined up is happening at the exact same date and time as Squenix’s Final Fantasy VII “25th Anniversary Celebration Event” :lol:


2 seismic simultaneous disappointments scheduled for a collision that will rupture the internet LETS GO 🧂👌🏻 


EDIT: That’s Thur 16 June at 23:00 for all the dual-screen wielding sadists :eyebrows: 

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14 hours ago, Majora said:


If you have Xbox, CDKeys have 2 for £11 


I got Resi 2 for £4.50 at the weekend. It's an Argentina code so you need a VPN to activate it.


3rd person mode in Village sounds good, I don't get on with first person horror games. I kinda hoped they'd give VII the option too but alas no.


Looking at the new Arcade Collection 2, it kinda makes the new Fighting Collection redundant as all the games appear to be available in both, with the exception of Red Earth. I'll happily wait a few months until the games are available as single purchases and buy Vampire Savior for 3 or 4 quid.

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