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Cocoon | From former lead gameplay designer on Inside & Limbo

Mr Do 71

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Annapurna Interactive has announced COCOON, a brand new adventure from the lead gameplay designer of LIMBO and INSIDE.


Former Playdead developer Jeppe Carlsen is creating a unique take on the puzzle adventure genre with COCOON, a game that sees each world in the game existing inside of an orb, which your insect-like character carries on their back.


To progress, you'll need to leap between different worlds, combining, manipulating, and rearranging them in order to solve the puzzles. Each orb also has an ability that can be unlocked, which can help uncover hidden pathways, fire projectiles, trigger switches, and more.


Along the way, you'll interact with alien environments and machinery left behind by an ancient civilisation, and learn more about what came before. You'll also face monstrous guardians which protect each world, with each fight promising to be unique, requiring the player to “new and satisfying mechanics”.


It all makes a little bit more sense if you watch the reveal trailer down below, and it has a lovely art style too, so make sure to check it out. COCOON is launching on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S via Xbox Game Pass, as well as Nintendo Switch and PC in 2023.


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You shouldn't be scared to say that out loud. Whilst I loved being in the worlds of both Inside and Limbo I felt like the designers were scared that people would get stuck for more than 10 minutes and they ended up being quite frictionless as puzzle games.

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