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The Entropy Centre. The new Portal?

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I was a bit cynical about this in the Future Game Show thread as being a blatant Portal clone/ripoff/evolution but on reflection I agree with the above. If Valve won't do it, someone else should.


But as @schmojosays there are a fair few similar games. I've played Turing Test and QUBE 2 and enjoyed both, but this does a look a lot more high budget

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Demo seems fine. Looks nice, the main mechanic is essentially Singularity which is entertaining but doesn't particularly wow you.I knew comparisons would be unavoidable but I'm actually a little surprised just how much they've directly lifted from the Portal games.


It doesn't seem amazing but I think I'll get it when it comes out, I can see how the puzzles might get pretty head-scratching later down the line.

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