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An actual stone cold classic movie.

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1 hour ago, Loik V credern said:


With all that violence in it from the leads you're supposed to like, sure! 

I don't think you're supposed to like them...

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7 minutes ago, Danster said:

I don't think you're supposed to like them...


Another way of putting it is 'sympathises' with nasty characters, that's always been the criticism of Scorsese. Not saying i agree...just that not everyone is going to like it. 


Even by The Wolf of Wall Street though, you aren't supposed to dislike Belfort are you? It's a long way from Scorsese's characters as in Mean Streets wrestling with guilt and redemption. 


I don't need to like characters to be invested..I do think The Wolf of Wall Street was far too long, derivitive and lacked taking Belfort down (with the real Belfort getting a cameo seen as an endorsement from Scorsese). My favourite part of Boogie Nights is how it turns dark so quickly.


Not literally taking Belfort down, but a contrast with the real life impact reckless financial gambling had. Maybe cut the hundreds of drug taking scenes and De Caprio being unable walk stuff (though it's funny) and apply some message and focus. Literally everyones defence of that film is 'oh no you just present it as it is, it's up to the audience to decide'. It's presented as fun, but it really missed an opportunity to turn everything upside down given how full on it was. 


Because Scorsese is so revered as he's made classics, people think his judgement is always sound when The Irishman and signing that Roman Polanski petition shows that isn't always true. yeah I've gone off on one here. 

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You only need to see the number of people with Wolf of Wall Street tattoos on an Instagram search to see how poorly Scorsese did at excoriating him rather than deifying him to certain audiences. 


The film has its moments but, for me, fails in the most important job it had.

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8 hours ago, yakumo said:

Heat is another one.

 Never liked that film. Found it kind of ridiculous. 

11 hours ago, Timmo said:

I found Children of Men boring as shit and I also have an irrational dislike of Clive Owen - a pre-emptive veto for any film he's in.

Yeah, same on both counts. I keep meaning to give the film another go, I’m usually an easy mark for near future societal collapse. 


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10 hours ago, Chadruharazzeb said:

In my experience the only film literally everyone likes is Back To The Future. Yes. 

This is obviously the only correct answer. Close the thread.

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I watched that Indian film RRR at the weekend and absolutely loved it.  I mean, from the first minute to the last (and it's three hours long) I loved every second.

I went on IMDB later to see if there were any interesting bits of trivia, etc., and saw that there were loads of 1 star user reviews complaining that it was unrealistic and full of overacting.  There's no pleasing everyone.

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On 12/06/2022 at 12:37, Stopharage said:

I’d go for Out of Sight and Children of Men. 


Out of Sight is a sexy film, a heist movie, wonderfully soundtracked and has charm

running throughout. 

Children of Men has a strong plot, super set pieces and wonderful cinematography. Oh, and Michael Caine asking people to pull his finger when he wants to fart. What’s not to love? Apart from the unrelenting hellscape. 


I watched Out of Sight last night, probably one of my favourite films.

Princess Bride, Commando and Flash Gordon are up there too. 


Haven't seen Children of Men yet. Or Paddington 2. 

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I watched Out Of Sight last year, was really disappointed. No chance that's universally loved. I had high hopes and imagined Lopez and Clooney being trapped together for the duration of the film, like for there to be build up and conflict, instead it throws it all away within 15 minutes as she's immediately won over, then doesn't do anything for the whole film until the also limp end. There's a much better film there i think, not that there isn't good shots still and a good vibe with good music because it's Soderbergh. I always feel like his films are undercooked, but given Out of Sight is considered a classic, i was surprised how little it seemed to get out of the premise.


Those who haven't watched Children of Men really should watch Children of Men. I should watch Children of Men and i've already seen it.



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42 minutes ago, Don Wiskerando said:

How about Top Gun?

That's come up a lot in the office over the last few days, with people watching it for the first time. One guy saw it and hated it (before loving Mavrick), while another introduced it to his family who also all hated it. 


I don't like it either. :ph34r:


There must be a fair few Disney films that are universally liked. I'd vote for Moana or The Lion King.

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If someone said to me "do you want to watch The Godfather tonight?" I would say nah, and I think most people would. 


You've got to be able to say, sure stick it on. 


Or then again, make you want to go out and see it at the cinema. So it might qualify for that I guess. 

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