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Summer Game Fest 2022, Tonight 7pm BST. Keep your expectations in check


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 @K with the summary of what we can expect to see in these fallow post-pandE3mic times:


On 06/06/2022 at 18:37, K said:

Visibly dejected Geoff Keighley says Summer Game Fest will focus on already announced games, which have already been released and are mostly not that good. "Join us for non-exclusive footage of games like Back 4 Blood, Mass Effect: Andromeda and FIFA 19, most of which you will have played and may even have completed," said Keighley in an unengaging, low-energy appearance on the GameDudes youtube channel. Keighley, alternating between sitting slumped at a desk and not being on camera at all, primed viewers for a show packed with widely-seen content, presented in a mostly competent style. "You won't enjoy these games particularly, and you will believe some of the reveals we have planned," said the arch-showman and king of gamer razzle-dazzle in a dread monotone. "Watch Dogs: Legion is about the best you can hope for".


It's enough to drive you to drink. In time honoured fashion, let's all get smashed for this 🍻 😐


Geoff "The Pube" Kieghley's shite trainers are a given, but what else we expecting to see?

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29 minutes ago, Calashnikov said:

Geoff "The Pube" Kieghley's shite trainers are a given, but what else we expecting to see?


Exclusive interviews with Ubisoft's former "Mr. Caffeine", a Twitch streamer you've never heard of and Geoff Keighley interviewing himself

Trailers for Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, Sniper Elite 5, Tunic and Trek to Yomi

Live performance of the Babylon's Fall lobby music

The stream going down.


A better experience if you do literally anything else for a couple of hours and skim through the liveblog that someone else has written.


(I'll still watch it live :facepalm: )

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Oh God, will there be a TOTP style music performance by a band who are on this year's FIFA soundtrack, or some low-grade celebrity  shite, to break up the under-whelming string of "WORLD PREEEEEEMEERS"?


Cynical? Moi?!


I will now prepare to put mustard on those words, for I am sure I will soon be consuming them along with a slice of humble pie that comes direct from the oven of shame, set at gas mark egg on my face when this turns out to be all the megatonz.

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