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Are Amiga game boxes worth anything?!


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I seem to find myself saying this a lot these days - best way to sell these kinds of things is definitely Facebook. There are Amiga fan / collector's pages where you'll get decent valuations and the ability to sell stuff without getting gouged by eBay (I think I worked out they took about 13% of the sale price in fees on done stuff I sold recently).


Obviously, this is after you've offered them to people on here.

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55 minutes ago, Chewylegs said:

No I was thinking more whether mine would sell (If my Dad hasn't thrown it out!).


I was surprised at the end. It jumped from £70 to £140 in the last few minutes. You'd easily get £50 for it. If you have any other Amiga games specifically I can talk to the guy who bought MI2 off me, he wants good condition old Amiga games - can pass your details across?

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On 26/07/2022 at 18:22, Fondue said:

So, my parents came good. 


Now to sift and sort! 






I see a secret of mana manual!


Picked up a complete version many years back from a cash converter for a fiver..... hoping I didn't b subject its box to sticky back plastic protection which was a nasty habit I deception to protect my more fragile or slightly tatty box finds at the time. 

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