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Sony State of Play - Today! 11pm BST (Livestream added to first post)


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That was it? My first State of Play and what a load of shit. Excited to play Stray and finally try Resi 4 when it's cheap but otherwise what a generic showing of bland 'nothing' trailers.

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That was good as much for the game I’d forgotten about than those announced! “Did that cat game come out? What was the name of that cat game? Oh the cat game is free with their new service!?”


I’m looking forward to that cat game.

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I thought that was pretty good actually. 

Stray coming soon

PSVR2 shaping up nicely



Resi 4 remake

New Dead Space this year

Roller Death dome thing this year
That indie bike game this year


Yeah, loads of stuff I want to play. 


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4 minutes ago, Robo_1 said:

Well not bad but an absolute shadow of the E3 conferences of old.

Who ever said it was to be that? This was PSVR2/3rd party focus. 

Are we still not used to Direct-style marketing?

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3 minutes ago, robdood said:

Why did street fighter have a weird bit where you run around a map talking / challenging npcs like you're Ash fkin Ketchem

Maybe they’ve finally relented and are doing an actual tutorial as a “story mode”.

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4 minutes ago, Chindie said:

FFXVI looks... underwhelming.

Looked like VIIR combat taken a step further. Still more hyped for this FF than anything post-VIII. 

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