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Venture (C64 port)

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Back in the early days Coleco converted loads of unknown arcade games to their home console. Some like Donkey Kong would go on to be classics and widely ported, others have disappeared. One of my friends had a Coleco and one of those obscure ports was a dungeon crawler called Venture.


Each level would start with a map of four rooms and you represented as a pixel. The challenge being that you had to get to a room without getting hit by a monster.




Inside each room you had to get the treasure and leave without getting killed It was like a mini version of Beserk.




I loved this and ended up getting this for my 2600.






It was a surprisingly decent port. But then everyone forgot about it. Apart from one man Donnie Russell who has mad a port you can grab from here! https://sites.google.com/site/donnierussellii/my-c64-games




It's pretty zippy and much more like the arcade/Coleco ports. Worth trying if like me you're one of the three people who remember this.

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As someone who played the original arcade game and owned a Colecovison plus that cartridge, I have to declare that version to be excellent. I would venture, that it's even more faithful to the arcade version than the Colecovision version.

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