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Don’t know if this qualifies for retro (I am on the 360) - but I just picked it up for a quid having never played it and I’m rather excited.  
I’ve booked the evening to get playing so thought yeah I’ll get that installed there’ll probably be an update or 2.


Well there is, 7mb, then 14, then 700mb, then 1.4gb, then 1.9gb……..

This is a frustration….

Despite that, the intro slides while I’m waiting look terrific  so let’s hope the game doesn’t disappoint. 

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So….I managed. 3 hrs of this today. 

It’s pretty confusing going in blind and really knowing nothing about it so where I was expecting Halo with different guns, what I’ve got is quite a lot of extra stuff to do. Its impressively huge and feels like it’s on the edge of what you can comfortably run on a 360, which is no complaint. I’m stunned at what a machine the 360 is tbh, all these years I’ve had it and it’s still a perfectly respectable gaming platform. 
Anyway, well you all probably know everything about Destiny so I’ll shut up, but it’s pretty special innit. 

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