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Your top 10 action scenes


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I think I'll just throw in some additional stuff into the mix.

  • Something from Kung Fu Hustle, because it's batshit, Maybe the fight with the landlady.
  • Has to be a Jason Bourne scene or two - the safe house fight in the first film, or the taxi chase?
  • Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde - the escape from Berlin sequence is a series of brutal, visceral close quarters fight scenes. Also the early scene with the police in the flat, where she escapes through the window.
  • I'll have to rewatch them to choose particular scenes, but something from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon or House of Flying Daggers...
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On 30/04/2022 at 21:54, Professor Rob said:

Agree with virtually everything posted so far, and will throw in the mine cart chase from Temple Of Doom.


Temple of Doom is awesome. Harrison Ford is at his peak. He punches fuck out of anything that gets in his way but also takes a beating like no other. It's brutal but utterly brilliant.

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It took too long for Oldboy to get a mention. Most of The Raid tops anything in my view - some awesome long cuts and combos. 

Can’t not include more Jackie Chan in there too surely - Police Story Mall fight was decent. 

The escape from the town at night scene in 1917 was very atmospheric. 

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22 hours ago, smac said:

I'll have to rewatch them to choose particular scenes, but something from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon


The fight with Michelle Yeoh using every weapon in the training room probably wins out for me. The whole film's full of characterful action though. 

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A few others


Casino Royale - opening parkour chase is fantastic

Mad Max 2 - Ending truck chase

Mission Impossible - the helicopter to Channel Tunnel sequence

Skyfall - the Shanghai fight is one of the most beautifully photographed things ever

Which reminds me, Brotherhood of the Wolf.  The introduction of Mark Dacascos' character isn't the most spectacular fight scene, but it makes him look like a complete badass. 




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Stuff i like:


Raid 2 - Kitchen Fight with the Karambit knives / Raid 1 - The opening fight with that guy that flies over the bannister and breaks his back OOH GODDAMN

John Wick - The entire nightclub scene from the bathhouse to the dance floor

Commando - "All fucking hell is about to break loose" - and it does!

Hard Target - Everything in the Mardi Gras warehouse. Proper good carnage

Lethal Weapon 4 - the freeway chase with the fight in the house on wheels is fantastic and the guy getting hit by the massive truck always makes me laugh

District 9 - the mech suit for pure inventiveness and general carnage

Die Hard 2 - the annex skywalk . holy squibs !

Out for Justice - cooking with Richie and Gino. This is just five or so minutes of lovingly cinematic brutality when Seagal wasn't a joke. 

Fury Road - All of it but especially when the pole vaulters and chainsaw man get involved

Rambo 2008 - the 50.cal bloodbath that goes on for about 15 minutes



Just before this there's a terrific shotgun rampage which is why the fridge is splattered with blood 😅


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Hard to think of stuff off the top of my head, so in no real order 10 that just came to mind:


1. Escorting the tanker in Mad Max 2

2. Bus chase in Police Story

3. Nuke factory bust in Robocop

4. Deathstar Trench run in Star Wars

5. The entire sequence that includes the fist fight with the giant nazi and then the truck chase in Raiders of the Lost Ark (is this one continuous sequence or has my memory smushed it together?)

6. The massive running mech fight at the end of the first Patlabor movie.

7. Hospital raid in Hard Boiled

8. Temple fight in Come Drink With Me

9. The massive fight at the end of District 9 ending with Wikkus catching the rocket.

10. The final alien assault in the first Avengers movie (it's a goofy choice but I thought it was fantastic and pretty much every Marvel movie is just that, again, but getting slightly worse each time).

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It's impossible to make a definitive list but here are some scenes I regard as great action scenes


Braindead - Lawnmower through zombies/Kung Fu Priest

T2 - Motorcycle/truck chase

Oldboy - Corridor fight scene

Kingsmen - Church scene

Die Hard 2 - Snowmobile chase

Speed - Bridge jump

Point Break - No parachute jump

Heat - Heist escape scene

True Lies - Rogue uzi tumbling down the stairs

Gladiator - Tigris fight

Inception - Fucked up gravity fight scene

Interstellar - Spinning space station docking scene

The Raid - More or less the entire film

Ran - Castle storming scene
Saving Private Ryan - Beach landing scene

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At this point its about highlighting fantastic scenes that haven't been mentioned yet, so apologies if I have missed these ones from the existing posts


1. Kick-Ass - Several great moments but Hit Girl's night vision scene with Adagio in D Minor playing is just an incredible piece of movie making.

2. Equilibrium - All its action scenes but especially from "No... not without incident" onwards

3. Tony Jaa - Ok, so not a specific movie but too many scenes from Ong Bak and Tom Yum Goong to mention

4. Kickboxer - How the fuck has Nok Su Kao not been mentioned?!!

5. Bloodsport - Fighting Blind

6. AWOL - At this point its clear everyone has forgotten that JCVD was once the greatest action movie star in the world, but still the empty swimming pool and final fight scenes are special




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I'll always respect JCVD for staying in shape and compared to his contemporaries his later action films are still of a decent calibur. Maximum Risk is really underrated with some fantastic fight scenes and his later stuff like In Hell, The Bouncer, Unisol Regeneration and Wake of Death are all pretty solid. Wake of Death in particular is a really nasty slab of stone cold revenge, shame about the typical operatic hong kong inspired schmaltz in it which has aged badly but it's worth watching for Philip Tan's insane facial expressions when he's knifing people up 😅

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3 hours ago, MardiganX said:


2. Equilibrium - All its action scenes but especially from "No... not without incident" onwards



Yeah, the 'Gun Kata' stuff ends up more convincing than it really should. I watched it again, recently; quite a bit more visceral than I remembered.

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I don't know what my top 10 would be, but surprisingly, my number 1 might very well be the beginning of XMen 2 - I used to chuck that scene on every once in a while just to test my setup. I freaking love that whole White House/Nightcrawler bit. With that music too... . it's just so badass. :wub:

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On 30/04/2022 at 21:54, Professor Rob said:

Agree with virtually everything posted so far, and will throw in the mine cart chase from Temple Of Doom.


I would throw that further and say pretty much the whole last half hour of Temple of Doom. It's Spielberg at his most sadistic. It's physical, it's brutal, it's kinetic and it just happens to have Harrison Ford looking like a sweaty, dirty, pissed off God in among the carnage.


Raiders may be the masterpiece but I'll never tire of Temple of Doom's dark lunacy.

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A few off the top of my head, in no particular order:


  • The Incredibles - When the kids first let loose with their powers (running on water!)
  • The Lego Movie - Emmett is a Master Builder
  • Die Hard 2 - The fight on the plane wing
  • Avengers: Endgame - The final battle
  • Pacific Rim - The harbour battle
  • 300 - Battle at the Hot Gates
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Literally as I think of them and without reading anything of this thread cos its more fun to miss stuff out and just go with gut


Matrix - Lobby Scene as it is just a sharp set piece full of excess and showing off

Grosse Pointe Blank - final showdown with Dan Akroyd - utterly stupid and dark and hilarious

First Blood - trying to hunt rambo (both tries) - A long one but tense as fuck and lasts at least a third of the movie

MI 2 - Not a great film but Dualling fucking motorbikes flying through the air!

Total Recall - lots to choose from but the initial brutal fight with "Harry" and his two colleagues sets you up for the rest of the film!

A ClockWork Orange - the old ultraviolence early on is exquisitely shot, performed and edited but utterly disgusting

Rocky Balboa - The fight scenes are always good but this one really grabbed me.

Star Trek 2 - As action packed as Star Trek gets, the first battle between the two ships where Kirk tricks Khan into letting down his sheilds... "Here it comes..."

Star Trek 6 - Watching Enterprise get carved up just hurt! And then - That things got to have a tailpipe - another fantastic battle that hinges on being a bit sneaky.

Bladerunner - Batty vs Deckard - another exquisitely shot sequence.


I wanted to fit Face/Off in as well but I ran out of room.


EDIT - just skimmed through thread ... FFS




I missed loads but that one has to be on the list.

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