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MythForce! 80's style fps roguelike

Unofficial Who

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Looks great - worth keeping an eye on, although with being on EGS first it'll be hard to see at a glance if it's any cop as it develops. Unlike Darkest Dungeon 2 and Hades' Early Access periods, Beamdog's recent output is entirely ports, so it would have to be something very special immediately to buy in at this point.

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That does look fantastic. 

3 hours ago, Unofficial Who said:

I'm hoping every round ends with a moral lesson and the endgame involves the real treasure being the friends you made along the way.

It needs to be that, or the useless fucking pet creature doing something idiotic and everyone laughing (Snarf, Orko, Uni etc.)

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That looks... a bit meh?


I mean, I love me some modern Gauntlet/'80s cartoon slop, but this is far too smooth in terms of animation and the snippets of gameplay are awfully slow. Trailing camera shots all over the place as well. Why not use static shots, cheesier voice overs, and maybe even limited animation to give it that cheap '80s HB/Sunbow feel? :P

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