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HighScoreDay - Guess the Games from the Screenshots


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I knew the 4th one right away but when I typed in the first word of the title it didn’t come up, so I picked something else and got it wrong ><


I had no idea for the 1st and 5th ones. People getting 3 wrong have no excuses!

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Rock hard for me this one. I only got the one I did get correct due to a wild guess.


🕹 High Score Day #74 - 💀❤️💀💀💀 


After looking at the answers I’m a bit surprised. The first one I haven’t played and it didn’t look like the first game in the series which I have played. Hard to see as well and gave me FF vibes so I tried to go for FFXIII.


Second was a wild guess as I haven’t even played it. 

Third one surprised me as I’ve played the PS2 game and can see where it’s coming from now but there’s a lack of mist and atmosphere that I’d associate with the game. 


The fourth one I’ve played and recognised the series but the lack of a character or hud or enemies threw me. Almost thought it was some sort of Amiga game but looked a bit too detailed. Settled with a game in the correct series but wrong one. Didn’t even occur to me the actual game it’s supposed to be. 

The last one I tried typing in the correct series title as my guess but it wasn’t listed as an option. Was that due to it being I capital letters? 


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🕹 High Score Day #75 - ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 


I made some ridiculous guesses with this one. Haven’t played most of them aside from the first and third. 

The last one I went for 


Diablo 2 because the first was ps1 and it didn’t look console friendly. Could see the demon in the bottom right corner hud. That’s what made me think, plus I’m sure I once heard something about Diablo and killing cows.


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