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HighScoreDay - Guess the Games from the Screenshots


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Stupid game


🕹 High Score Day #11 - 💀💀💀💀❤️https://highscoreday.com



I went mafia 2 instead of 3


theres a space in turbo out run apparently. IT SHOULD STILL COUNT! Oh no wait, I went Europa, on account of the flags…


wrong Gabriel knight game, doh!


no clue on the 4th, not sure I even saw it. I mean…




would suggest I didn’t answer rightly or wrongly



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2 out of 5 today. I guessed the wrong 


Out Run, thought the adventure game one was a Broken Sword and had no idea for the L4D one.


Is the theme thing new? Today's is 'New Orleans'. Can't remember seeing one when I played it yesterday, and the games didn't appear to have much in common.

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🕹 High Score Day #12 - ❤️❤️❤️💀❤️ 


Had no idea for the one I got wrong. The second one I actually guessed as it reminded me of the “other” game I had played but was pretty sure that wasn’t in it so I took a chance and went for the same series but the sequel (which I haven’t played). 

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