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Return to Monkey Island (2022) - Ron Gilbert onboard!


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2 hours ago, thesnwmn said:

Preparing for next week




I wanted to do the same, but the Special Editions aren't on iPad anymore and I tried the PSN streaming on my PS4 but it was barely playable. Even tried my work laptop but the IT team seem to be blocking Steam/GOG application download. I used to have a DS with them on - that was ideal. Gah, I want to replay them all to get into the Monkey Island mood!

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I absolutely detest the graphical style they used for the Monkey Island Special Editions so I spent some time constructing the "Ultimate Talkie Editions" for each of the first two games - there are guides out there on how to do it if you own them. Basically they take the spoken dialogue from the Special Editions and apply it to the DOS versions which can then be played in ScummVM.


It really is the best of both worlds. I've been playing Monkey Island 2 with the classic graphics but also with voice acting and the music isn't busted like it is in the classic mode of the Special Edition. You can even enable MT-32 emulation for improved music and use subtle scanlines to improve the graphics (other filters also exist). It looks and sounds fantastic.


The game is frickin' hard though. I'd forgotten how tough it was.

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Secret complete. I used a few in game hints because I've got at least one, and preferably two, more of these to play before I start the new one.


I played with the new graphics because I wanted the voice acting but I'm not really a fan in this special edition. Maybe I'll prefer them in the second game (which I have played through originally and in special edition before where I'd only played the original of this before).


Great fun. Reminded of some good puzzles but there are some parts where finding all the things you can interact with in a scene is the real challenge. Basically in some cases the game is elongated simply by being tricky to see what you can use rather than being a real challenge.

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Do I get this on PC or Switch?! 

Switch: portable but also works on main TV. That wee Oled screen 🥰


PC: higher resolution than switch, can stream to main TV or MacBook (portable)


My head says PC, my heart says Switch, my inner demon says buy both 🤦‍♂️





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