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The Sea Beast


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Netflix CG animation from Chris Williams of Moana and Big Hero Six. Starring the voices of Karl Urban, Zaris-Angel Hator, Jared Harris, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Dan Stevens and Kathy Burke. Beasts inspired by the creatures on 16th and 17th century maps. Coming on 8 July.



Pic is set in an era when terrifying beasts roamed the seas, and monster hunters were celebrated heroes, with none being more beloved than the great Jacob Holland. But when young Maisie Brumble stows away on his fabled ship, he’s saddled with an unexpected ally. Together, they embark on an epic journey into uncharted waters and make history.



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22 hours ago, g wings said:

Good fun and the whole family enjoyed it but what is going on with Urban’s accent? Awful!


I've not heard it, but based on Urban's Butcher efforts you're utterly wrong. He's the Van Dyke of our times. 

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Urban is amazing with his accent. I was very surprised to hear him say - in a PG kids film - that someone bollocked it all up. I'm not sure where bollocks as a swearword sits in the tier of swears but not something I hear much in our Friday night family film. 


Anyway. This is pretty good. Definitely channeling How to Train your Dragon but with a much darker tone. My kids bounced off it (though I'll try it again with them) but I enjoyed it a lot :)

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I didn't mind Urban's accent at all, it was a sort of Australian equivalent of a mid-Atlantic accent. It seemed relatively inoffensive and without any completely bizarre intonations, like, say, Tarantino in Django Unchained or the king himself, Don Cheadle in Ocean's Eleven. I don't know what accent people would have in the fictional world where his character grew up, but I'm happy to assume that's just how people speak there.


Anyway, I really enjoyed the film, even if my kids got a bit bored ninety minutes in. The opening fifteen minutes, with the battle against one of the beasts, was absolutely stellar. The rest of the film didn't quite live up to that sequence - to a certain extent, it's Moana without the songs and without the intense Disney process by which stories are continuously rewritten and revised until they're as good as they can be - but it was a decent film nonetheless with some stunning imagery.

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