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A Plague Tale: Requiem


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In the end I dropped the difficulty on this down to the lowest level, and had a much better time with it. It's still a tough game and a lot of it like the rat sections are unchanged, but it does help a bit with the relentless eagle-eyed guards and the lack of resources.


Second half of the game was better than the first half. I like the way the whole game does almost a bait-and-switch, with the first few levels being like an expanded version of the first game and then it gradually becoming more and more its own thing. Probably the most impressive thing I've seen running on the Series X, too, the 40fps mode is slick as anything and some of the scenes towards the end were astounding.


That ending though :o

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I'm getting towards the end of this now and after a strong start (it looks amazing) it's become more and more of a slog to get through. The gameplay was adequate for the 10 hours that the first game lasted but this one is almost twice as long.


It's very Last of Us 2 - more ambitious, better to look at, too long and extremely depressing.



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