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A Plague Tale: Requiem


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Personally, I'm more bothered about the quality of the game than the frame rate - I'm certainly not going to deny myself a good game because it's "only 30 fps". Christ, some stuff I used to play years back did well to hit 10 and I still had a good time. Imagine never playing something like Starfox because it wasn't 60 fps.


I'm not saying 60 would not be better, before anyone jumps in with that one...just that a solid 30 is perfectly fine in some places (this is hardly a twitch shooter etc)


I'll save you Hugo!

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Coming towards the end of the 2nd Chapter. Overall very impressed upto yet. Feels like the first but dialled up to 11.  The bigger budget of this title shines though with the artwork and visual splendour.  Pacing seems alot quicker than the first by what i played upto yet.


With my 6700xt, dropped it down to medium (textures high) can pretty much keep around 60fps for the most part.  Its a very demanding game, bit disappointed there is no FSR option. But the PC version stinks of exclusivity with the amount of Nvidia logos plastered on the opening and believe DLSS is catered for.


Quite impressed with the haptics with the PS5 pad on the PC, especially how the triggers portray the feeling of swinging the catapult round your head.


Overall cracking addition to Gamepass this month 👍

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5 minutes ago, Mortis said:

To be fair the main actress speaking English is actually french so the accent is accurate. 


Playing the first game, I kept on expecting to be taunted a second time-uh!


It's ok - I'll play in French. Authentic, innit? Plus it'll help me with my Duolingo.

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Turning the motion blur and chromatic aberration off made the visuals look a lot better for me. 40fps is a decent compromise for current gen only games. I mean, you can tell it's not 60 but it certainly looks and feels smoother than 30.


It's certainly pretty. Gameplay wise it seems very familiar so far, hopefully it evolves a little as I was getting a bit tired of the quite simple mechanics by the end of the first game, which doesn't really feel that long ago.

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