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William Hurt - RIP

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I really don't agree with him appearing as a "Not So Famous Celebrity",* but yeah, that's a big loss. RIP.



*he's an Oscar-winner! And frequently the primary protagonist of the films he appeared in! 

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3 minutes ago, makkuwata said:

Wasn’t he a wife beater or something? I’ve had an asterisk to his name for 20 years but never looked into it because he kept working.


I believe it was Marlee Matlin that accused him of hitting her.

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18 minutes ago, Chooch said:

I believe her. It makes it weird and uncomfortable to see even the like of the BBC putting out boiler plate obituaries.


Died peacefully alongside family etc. Will Harvey get a line like that in his article?


People can change and that was 30 years ago and he might have spent 30 years regretting the past and trying to atone for it, be a better man etc, I hope so.  But for every article that leads with  “Oscar winner” a choice was clearly made.

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1 hour ago, Goose said:

Split off into its own thread.

A choice was made. The BBC have since amended their article to include Marlee’s accusations along with those of a prior partner.


It’s buried under glowing tweets from Hollywood peers.


Why does the stench of that kind of thing get a pass with the dad from Lost in Space?

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Well, I'd no idea about his actions until now — no thanks to the major outlets there sweeping it under the carpet, but I'm glad to have finally found out, depressing though the knowledge is.

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