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NFL 2022 - Guess who's back


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Ugh. Should have, at the very least, been a full season suspension. That comeback game against the Texans is no coincidence either, as Mallet says. Utterly bizarre piece of showbusiness by the league, mind. Can you imagine the TV networks trying to hype it?


'Hey sorry Tony, just to let viewers know that next week here on CBS we have PREDATOR vs THE ENABLERS! Can a convicted sex offender heroically get one over the organisation that turned a blind eye to his crimes? FIND OUT NEXT WEEK!'


In any case, I am comfortable with my decision that the Watson signing bought to an end 20+ years of supporting the Browns (both original and new iterations). I could stomach years of utterly shitty play, organisational disfunction and generally the team being a total joke. But signing Watson in these circumstances? Nah.


Let's go Bills!

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My Bills absolutely rammed them

So nice to see the Bills turn into this team that has all the swagger of a super bowl contender.

Von Miller did what he was put on this earth to do.

Josh Allen looks like he wants it and he’s enjoying it and nothing is too much.

Diggs is on form.


Great days ahead.

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I know Mcvay doesn't believe in playing starters in preseason, and it showed the Rams looked way off the pace. If Buffalo hadn't gave the ball away a few times i dunno if LA would have scored. 


The Bills defensive line and pass rush looked great, I didn't realise they signed Vonn Miller, he looked good.

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This Dallas squad is a real mess. The O-line has evaporated over the off-season and watching Prescott earn so much and deliver so little is so frustrating. Obviously a long long way to go but the initial signs aren't encouraging.


Thank god for Micah Parsons. Without him the Buccs might be out of sight already.




An awful performance. I think we had more penalty yards against us than passing yards for us. A terrible off season is biting us on the star already.


Oh, and Prescott damaged his hand and he’s out for a few weeks.

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Sitting in my hotel room after a incredible trip to FedEx yesterday. 

Ears ringing and body aching and a 16 hour journey home today but was well worth it. There is not much to compare to the atmosphere of an NFL game on US soil and to be present for some minor history of the first game as the (sigh) Commanders feels pretty special. 

Decent game, ups and downs for both teams Commanders well in control first half, Jax improving in the second to make it tight. Then a 50 yard bomb from Wentz to McClaurin to make the stadium explode. Amazing scenes as we used to say. 

One down side is the price of stuff in FedEx is scandalous. Almost $17 for just over a pint of beer, $6 for a bottle of water.


Didn't let it get us down tho as it was a great experience, even for my Jags fan mate. 


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13 minutes ago, the_debaser said:

Dolphins - Ravens is one of the best games I’ve ever seen. 


I just logged in to say that... and I've been watching the Dolphins since 1987. Amazing comeback, after a dodgy first half and some terrible fouls.

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