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Pokémon Scarlet/Violet - 2022


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I think they could do with a few longer gaps given all the remakes they're putting out as well as side-projects like Snap.


It might have been different if this was an old style  game but if it's like Arceus we're basically taking two very similar games in a year. But then if it was more "classic" style it would still be pretty close to the Diamond/Pearl release.


I played most of Diamond and would still go back to it. I've downloaded but not even started Arceus. I guess that doesn't matter too much given I've already spent my money but maybe it will give me pause when these release.

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1 hour ago, Doctor Shark said:

This feels like too many Pokémon games in quick succession. My kid loved Let’s go Pikachu, loved Sword, but got bored of Pearl because he said it was too similar. I didn’t bother getting him whatever the new one is called and now there’s another on the way? What is this, one a year now? Too much. 

It has almost always been one (well, two really) a year since 1996. Diamond/Pearl was actually two years after Sword/Shield.

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4 hours ago, Doctor Shark said:

This feels like too many Pokémon games in quick succession. My kid loved Let’s go Pikachu, loved Sword, but got bored of Pearl because he said it was too similar. I didn’t bother getting him whatever the new one is called and now there’s another on the way? What is this, one a year now? Too much. 

Judging by the reactions of my two for many kids you can never have too much Pokémon 

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I would like to think that Pokémon is a big enough franchise that we can have games tailored for different tastes.  I liked Detective Pikachu for instance because while it was set in the Pokémon world it wasn't about capturing & battles & the focus was the stories going on in this world separate from that.


I would like more games in that vein. For instance, while everyone in a city is gathered in the stadium for a big Pokémon tournament, wouldn't that the best time for criminal activity? And surely even if you're not a criminal, there would be civilians just not in the stadium because such things don't interest them, even if they do have a Pokémon or 2?

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I'm not to sure the whole "too much Pokémon, too similar" applies all that much to the current situation of the series to be honest. The RPG's released so far have all been pretty different compared to each other. LGPE going for a classic experience mixed in with Go-like features, SwSh continuing to iterate upon Sun/Moon, then BD/SP offering easily the most paired down 'classic' experience of the bunch and finally Arceus breaking in a pretty big way with previous series convention in terms of structure, flow and overall gameplay.


Looking from the outside I can understand it looks like the series is being spammed to death quite heavily but the last four games have all felt very different from each other. BDSP feeling like the least inspired because it was pretty much 1:1 with its DS forebear.


The new mainline entries following in the footsteps of Arceus and going all in on being explicity open-world creates another entry that's pretty differentiated from the rest.

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Big leak:



– Wooper gets a Poison type regional form
– It evolves into a brand new Pokemon, not Quagsire
– There’s no new Eevee evolution
– Joltik, Milotic, Wailord, Metagross, Jynx and Golurk are not in the game
– Pokemon will time travel, but the player will not
– 3 cities, 9 towns in the region
– 300-500 Pokemon in the Regional Dex; supposedly over 400
– Garchomp is in the game
– DLC planned
– Mega Evolutions not returning
– Durnsparce has a new evolution
– There’s a new Dolphin Pokemon
– Murkrow has a new evolution
– Fuecoco final evolution still an alligator
– No new Fossil Pokemon
– New flamingo Pokemon
– Not all Hisuian Pokemon are in the game
– The gimmick doesn’t involve Pokemon getting an extra type
– There are sidequests in the game
– Teddiursa, Komala, Rotom, Goodra and Sunflora are in the game
– Woobat is not in the game
– There is a group of 4 legendaries
– All Pokemon can use the new gimmick
– Lugia/Ho-Oh are not in
– When asked about the Champion, the leaker said both male/female when asked the gender (so maybe version exclusive champions)
– Dunsparece evo does not fly
– Aipom, Toucannon are not in
– Misdreavous is in
– There is no new Dodrio form
– Koraidon/Miraidon do not have 5 forms
– Furfrou, Minior are not in the game
– Skwovet is in the game
– Houndour line is in the game
– Weezing is in the game
– Gen 9 starters are the only starters in the game (at least in the main adventure)
– Wigglytuff may be getting a regional form but hasn’t been explicitly stated
– The new gimmick: you can transform any Pokemon into that crystalized look by using a new item that looks like a ball, that Nemona gives you
– A Gen 5 Pokemon gets a new evolution
– Amoonguss and Wigglytuff will be a new kind of Pokémon introduced in Gen 9; not regional forms, not Evolutions, but a new concept
– The crystallization gimmick seems to power up types, so it’s like gaining an additional STAB; Ex: you can power up Pikachu to get a Fire type boost (but it won’t get additional weaknesses)
– Gyms can be done in any order, however there is no scaling
– You must clear “3 routes/quests” to see the ending; those are not past/present/future, we don’t know what they are exactly
– You can re-battle gym leaders
– Lechonk’s evolution has a gender difference
– Mimikyu and Magikarp are in, but not Applin
– No difficulty options
– Elite 4 is back
– There are classes, exams and interviews in the game
– Apparently there’s a hammer Pokemon or at least one that uses a hammer
– Tauros has a new regional form
– Overworld shinies are “probably” back
– Trainer customization is more limited; all clothing options are school uniforms
– A new Pokemon that looks similar to Dugtrio
– The main game took like 60 hours to the leaker, though they admit they are not particularly good
– A child becomes one of the Elite 4
– There’s a “bonding quest” (whatever that is) that Eevee fans will enjoy
– There aren’t any cameos from old characters in the main story
– The ancient forms are completely different Pokemon, with a different Pokedex number and name; they are not just forms
– Both the original Pokemon and the fake/ancient versions are in the game
– All Fossil Pokemon are not back
– There’s no bike in this game, instead you ride Koraidon / Miraidon
– While riding you move very fast and you can still catch and battle Pokemon
– You can also climb, swim, and fly with them
– There’s no fishing in this game
– There’s a new auction house where you can buy items (not sell); you participate with other NPCs


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Even bigger leak:



– Ancient / Future Species: ancestors or descendants for a current Pokemon that have time traveled from the past or future; they don’t evolve, are standalone but with high stats; classified as brand new Pokemon with their own name
– Convergent Species: New Pokemon that look very similar to an old Pokemon; unrelated to their original counterpart but are almost like a recolor; can have different typings; these species are based on the “Convergent Evolution” biology concept; have their own name
– Pawmi’s evolution is Electric / Fighting
– Smoliv evolves into an olive tree
– Fuecoco’s evolution is not bipedal
– There’s no third legendary this generation
– Tauros new form is black
– According to the leaker, Wooper and Tauros are the only two new Regional Forms
– There are 120-140 new Pokemon; this includes the Ancient/Future Species
– Ancient / Future Pokemon Species can’t evolve
– All Gym Leaders have a second job
– One Gym Leader is a skier, another one is a streamer
– There’s a new samurai Pokemon
– The leaker is hinting that Bisharp gets an evolution, but not confirming it for now
– The new Pokémon with a hammer is pink
– Pawniard gets a new evolution (not Bisharp apparently)
– Primeape gets an evolution
– Misdreavus gets an Ancient Species
– Delibird gets a Future Species
– A new ghost dog Pokemon
– A new coin Pokemon
– A new fairy Pokemon
– There’s a new bike Pokemon (that is not Koraidon / Miraidon)
– The old leaker claims some Pokemon mentioned by the new leaker may be cut and saved for the DLC
– They also reconfirm that Tauros and Wooper are the only 2 Regional Forms for the base game
– There are 3 new dog Pokemon, one of them is the ghost dog mentioned by the other leaker
– There’s 1 new spider Pokemon line, it was teased on the first trailer
– A “hardcore queen” gets a Future Species
– One Pseudo-legendary gets a Future Species
– Another Pseudo-legendary gets an Ancient Species
– A Gen 1 Pokemon gets a Convergent Species that turns it from a sea Pokemon to a ground Pokemon
– A Gen 5 Bug gets a Future Species
– Legendary Pokemon are getting Ancient/Future Species but the leaker thinks they may be saved for the DLC
– There are 2 Pokemon that get both Future and Ancient Species
– The leaker seems to imply that the Ancient/Future Species will be treated as Legendaries
– An existing cactus Pokemon is getting something (we don’t know exactly what)
– The new Pokemon with a hammer is Fairy + another type
– Volcarona gets an Ancient Species
– Gallade gets a Future Species
– Regarding breeding, eggs are still there, so it looks like there’s a new mechanic
– The leaker specifically told that there’s no Pokemon Daycare / Nursery; there’s a new mechanic to get Eggs
– Salamence gets either an Ancient or Future Species
– There’s a new earthworm Pokemon
– There’s a new ostrich Pokemon whose hairstyle reminds the leaker of Cleopatra
– Raid Battles are back, still multiplayer
– New crab Pokemon
– There are 3 new dog Pokemon lines, they all have evolutions
– You can’t add Koraidon / Miraidon to your team until the final boss, even though you can ride with them earlier
– You can’t use your own team for the final boss
– Pawniard’s new split evolution may be based on the rook
– Magikarp is in the game
– There’s a new single-stage Flying / Fighting flamingo Pokemon
– There aren’t any new evolutionary stones
– Pawmi’s evolution learns a new move: a 1 PP move that revives one of your Pokemon
– There’s a new Fire / Grass Pokemon; it’s not Smoliv evo
– Pawmi is a 3-stage Pokemon
– Fuecoco’s evolution will have a flame shaped like a bird on its head
– The new dolphin Pokemon has a big surprise
– The Pawmi evo we have seen is the third stage
– Some of the new Ancient and Future Species share a mutual new ability
– The “hardcore queen” previously teased to get a Future Species is actually Gallade
– That’s because its Future Species is actually a combination of Gardevoir and Gallade
– Future Gallade is based on an archer
– In Japanese all Future Pokemon are called something like Iron + (Original Species Name)
– Ex: Iron Gallade, Iron Delibird, etc.
– Dunsparce evolution is very similar to the current Dunsparce, just bigger
– There’s a new 2-stage Ice Pokemon based on an icicle
– There’s a new 2-stage salt Pokemon
– New Pokemon based on an engine
– Apparently one of the Ancient/Future Species that has already been leaked actually has BOTH an Ancient and Future Species
– The other one that has both Ancient and Future is very random
– The old leaker is claiming that it’s incorrect that no old starters is in the game, so at least one old starter is there, but they don’t clarify whether they mean available in the region or only via Pokemon Home
– The engine Pokemon is a 2-stage line
– The hammer Fairy Pokemon is a 2-stage line
– The new leaker is now claiming that it’s actually Bisharp the one getting a new evolution and not Pawniard getting a split evolution
– We reach the 1000 Pokemon milestone this generation
– Volcarona is also getting a Future Species
– A Gen 2 Pokemon also gets both an Ancient and Future Species
– A Pseudo-legendary gets an Ancient Species
– The old leaker mentions there’s a new Kamen Rider-inspired Pokemon
– Alpha Pokemon are back; won’t be called like that but will have a similar functionality and be related to the story
– Mass Outbreaks are back
– Size variations from LGPE and PLA are back
– Girafarig’s evo is pure Psychic
– There’s a new beetle Pokemon
– Ancient and Future Pokémon have weird names, they follow a pattern but don’t include the name of the original Pokemon
– The new beetle Pokemon is based on a dung beetle and evolves once
– There’s a new parakeet Pokemon (single-stage)
– Dunsparce’s evolution is pure Normal-type
– A Future Species for a sumo Pokemon has been teased (Hariyama?)
– The ability “Download” has been removed (because there are no Pokémon that have it)
– Pokemon #1000 is just a random Pokemon, nothing special about it in particular
– Primeape’s evolution is Fighting / Ghost
– Previous talk of Murkrow having an evolution is incorrect, was a misunderstanding
– The new move learning system from Pokemon Legends: Arceus is back
– Ancient/Future Pokemon are called in-game Paradox Pokemon
– Looks like the new Pokemon Amie/Refresh/Camp equivalent for this gen is also what replaces breeding
– This is called Pokemon Picnic
– You can wash your Pokémon, some don’t like to be washed
– Washing them restores their HP and increases Friendship
– You can also get Eggs
– Paradox Jigglypuff (Past), Paradox Delibird (Future) retain their original typings
– Paradox Pokemon from the Past are exclusive to Scarlet, Paradox Pokemon from the future are exclusive to Violet
– You can get as many Paradox Pokemon as you want from the endgame area
– You get the Rotom Catalog via the new auctions mechanic
– At some point in development a new Rotom form was planned but was scrapped
– The new coin Pokemon evolves into a golden ningen
– Regarding map size: “if you don’t go to the sea maybe it’s a bit small, but if you get into the sea or the island it’s big”
– Arceus is not in the game
– The leaker claims that including the ocean and islands, Paldea is bigger than all Hisui areas combined
– Only 1 Pokemon can follow you at a time, can’t follow you indoors
– Paldean Tauros doesn’t evolve, however it has 3 different forms; each form lives on a different area of the region
– One form is single type, the other two forms have 2 types
– Looks like the Kantonian Tauros is also in the game
– The single-type Paldean Tauros is Fighting
– Pokemon don’t evolve automatically, you can choose when to evolve
– Mimikyu, – Goodra and Hisuian Goodra, Snover are in the game
– Smeargle, Gen 5 starters, Sharpedo not in the game
– No new Garchomp form
– Fuecoco’s evo signature move is sound-based
– Pawmi’s evolution is very good late-game
– New 3-stage Fire Pokemon
– Reaffirmed the gyms don’t have level scaling, but can be done in any order


The new region is allegedly called Paldea. Paldean tauros will be black. Sweet!


So we'll have black pigs and black bulls. Spain it is then.

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1 hour ago, shirubagan said:

This looks brilliant. 


It's actually called "terastallization".






The phenomenon, which only happens in the Paldea region, makes pokémon shine and glimmer like gems. After a pokémon "terastallizes", a Tera jewel appears above the creature’s head like a crown, and its glistens like a cut gemstone.

We know that all pokémon can terastallize to gain special power. Terastallization lets players enhance their battle strategies by increasing the power of any moves that have the same type as their pokémon’s "Tera type". With 18 types, there are tons of combinations of pokémon and Tera types.

A pokémon can terastallize once per battle and the transformation will last until the battle ends, though a Tera orb is required to start the process. The orb will need to be recharged after each use by touching crystals overflowing with Terastal energy or by going to a pokémon center.

As for Tera Raid Battles in Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet, these happen when three other players team up to take on a terastallized wild pokémon. Battle together through the Tera Raid Battle option, then choose to recruit allies or join someone else’s raid, the latter of which is done via a link code. Tera Raid Battles have a time limit and allows players to continue attacking seamlessly without having to wait for other trainers to choose their actions.



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Shopto.net currently have a competitive pre-order price of £39.85 for each of these games -


Scarlet (plus free Scarlet Pin badge) - https://www.shopto.net/en/swpo37-pokemon-scarlet-p1166272/


Violet (plus free Violet Pin badge - https://www.shopto.net/en/swpo36-pokemon-violet-p1166268/


There is also a steelbook double pack of both games for £89:85 (if you really want a steelbook for an extra £10)

- https://www.shopto.net/en/swpo38-pokemon-scarlet-and-pokemon-violet-double-pack-p1172769/

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