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Edge #369 | Ghostwire Tokyo cover

Mr Do 71

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Subscriber cover:





Horizon Forbidden West - 7
Dying Light 2: Stay Human - 7

Sifu - 8

Rainbow Six Extraction - 7

Pokemon Legends Acres - 7

OlliOlli World - 9
Strange Horticulture - 8
Wanderer - 7
Not for Broadcast - 7
Please, Touch the Artwork - 7

Baldur's Gate 3
Triangle Strategy 
Citizen Sleeper
Vampire Survivors 
Mask of the Rose
Afterlove EP

The Evil Without (Ghostwire)
On Deck (Gabe Newell talking about the Steam Deck)
Automatic for the People 
The Making of Overboard 
Studio Profile on White Paper Games 
Time Extend on Florence 
The Long Game on Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection

Nicked from https://www.resetera.com/threads/edge-issue-369.556438/

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Not got around to playing ‘Forbidden West’ yet, but I don’t need to have to know that giving it the same score as the utterly shite ‘Rainbow Six Extraction’ is ridiculous.

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11 minutes ago, Mr. Gerbik said:

I haven't played it yet, but can you talk to the zombies? That would explain the two extra points.




You can't! Which makes the score even more mental!😄

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2 hours ago, moosegrinder said:

Elden Ring came in late so it's going to be next months. They gave it to some freelance schlub to review.

How dare you sir!


2 hours ago, jonamok said:

😄 Who’s likely parked it for new Destiny content.

Man, if only. 

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20 minutes ago, Pixelated Ben said:

Going off on a tangent on the intended content of this thread, but I've never played this game and I really need to hunt it down on ebay don't I...

Haha - yeah its pretty good. 

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On 24/02/2022 at 21:37, noob said:

Thrilled to see me published in this month's magazine... 




At least @Rudderless mentioned the score multiple times in his article in Florence, or we’d have to do a thread lynching. :)

(I’m still playing the main theme on the piano three years later; liked the article!).

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Thought it was kind of funny that Gabe Newel was talking about them not wanting to waste Deck's potential with a "gamelet" only for them to then announce Aperture Desk Job. Great that Valve view handheld consoles as a software target in their own right though, I've not seen chat about the potential of portables that convincing since the DS announcement.

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4 hours ago, max renn said:




Honestly I'm really pleased about this with a decent squad it's great fun.


Oh cool. Yeah I played it with my mate for a bit, bit got bored pretty quick. I think if it was an expansion to the existing game it might have been ok.

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