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Some yellowing

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I'm in the process of shifting all my retro stuff into the loft. At the bottom of my box of controllers, I found this ps1 pad with a touch of yellowing 



The photo doesn't do the level of yellowing justice. It's almost green. 


It's pretty old, though. It's actually the first controller I got when I started working for Sony. So early 1995. 


So, come on, let's see your most yellow item. 

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My US SNES from 1993 is the yellowest thing I own. There's a bit of yellowing on my original PAL Dreamcast, but only if you compare it to a more pristine one.


There's also a pile of Super Famicoms I bought in bulk that are pretty filthy so I'm willing to bet some of that's not gonna wash off.





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I bought this very yellow Dreamcast last year, I basically took pity on it. I replaced the shell as even the inner parts of the controller ports had yellowed. It's even yellower in real life than it appears in the photo.





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