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Vampire Survivors - BAFTA GOTY Winner! Tides of the Foscari DLC Out Now!


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Patch 0.10.00


The Not One


Contains 2 new achievements and:
- 1 new Arcana
- incredible SECRETS

Extra (not present on the roadmap):

- 2 new characters
- 1 new relic



- Added a new music track in The Bone Zone

- Arcana "I - Gemini" also affects Gatti Amari and its evolution and Nduja Fritta.
Unfortunately this also fixes the never ending Nduja glitch in the Dairy Plant :(

- Arcana "V - Chaos in the Dark Night" has changed to: "Overall projectile Speed continuously changes between -50% and +50% over 10 seconds. The character starts gaining +1% projectile Speed every level."

- Arcana "XVII - Lost & Found Painting" has changed to: "Overall Duration continuously changes between -50% and +50% over 10 seconds. The character starts gaining +1% Duration every level."

- Arcana "XVIII - Boogaloo of Illusions" has changed to: "Overall Area continuously changes between -25% and +25% over 10 seconds. The character starts gaining +1% Area every level."



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The latest patch has dropped.


Patch 0.11.0

The All-In-One.


New Content

- 3 new Achievements
- 1 new Arcana: IX - Divine Bloodline
- 1 new Character: Queen Sigma
- 2 new weapons: Victory Sword and Sole Solution


- More secret spells
- Added option to skip Arcana drafts


Tweaks from 0.10.109

- Added an on-screen keyboard in the new menu for gamepad and Steam Deck users
- Increased grace time between key presses to cast spells
- Fixed new theme of The Bone Zone not looping properly
- Slightly reduced movement speed of the Sketamari
- Added more spells, but they're SECRETS

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Minor Patch 0.11.2

small tweaks and bug fixes


Hello everyone, as many of you already know, patch 0.11.0 was the last major one before we started to wrap up all the content for v1.0

This means that for the next few weeks we'll be getting small updates with tweaks, bug fixes, and minor bits of content to complete the roadmap, We'll soon announce the release date for v1.0, but in the meantime here's what's in this new small patch!



- Unlockable option to choose a the Random character (check SECRETS menu).
- Option to skip the weapon selection from Candybox.
- Option to stop moving backgrounds (Moongolow, Cappella Magna).
- Option to cash-in immediately all remaining Revives when completing a stage.
- Added a few new sprites.
- New secondary skin for Christine.

- There's now a low, Luck-based chance that green coin bags from Treasure Chests could be substituted by a Candybox, if it has been unlocked.

- Fixed movement input resetting when leveling up/opening a treasure chest.
- Fixed a few errors around controllers (please know/remember that we won't be able to fix all controller issues until we complete the port to the new engine).
- Fixed birds firing timer at high cooldown.
- Fixed Gorgeous Moon breaking when firing too often due to Limit Break.

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So I've managed to last 30 mins in each of the 4 main stages, I've got the uber version of all the starting weapons, have found some empty coffins and unlocked about 8 new characters. Is there much more to do, or have I seen the majority of what's on offer?


(Not complaining, it's been a blast and a complete steal for the £3 I spent on it)

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That's the core part of the game done but there are some extra challenges, characters and weapons to unlock. I found that just going through the ingame achievement list was a good way to structure things. Be sure to check out all the question marks on the maps if there's any you missed. I've not played since the last few minor patches, they've added a few new characters, some new weapons and bonus stages. I still haven't beaten the bonus stage with all the skulls on the ground. Its one of those games you can easily just hop back into again, gotta love those short play sessions.

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A new patch has been released!


Minor Patch 0.11.3

last bits of content before the wait for 1.0.


- 1 new achievement: Reach Level 99 with Poe.
- the last Arcana: XXI - Blood Astronomia
- 1 new "weapon" : this is more like a minor gameplay feature
- 1 new SECRET



Also if you've been sitting on the fence....



Price increase on September 21st

As announced forever ago in the Early Access notes, the price of the game will go up slightly to reflect all the content and regular updates that were added during the game’s Early Access. The price will go up on September 21st, which is a bit before the release of v1.0
Why is it going up before the release of v1.0? To be frank, it's because otherwise I'd mess up the sales calendar for the rest of the year. I want to keep the option open to eventually enter some of the usual seasonal sales, and increasing the price on v1.0 launch day would mess up the timings, as price changes also comes with a temporary price freeze.


Get it now. It's a bargain of the sort we used to get with Mastertronic games back in the day.

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Overnight news dropped about the 1.0 release,


Release date Oct 20


What to expect from v1.0

v1.0 will mark the completion of the main content for the game! The v1.0 update will land on 20th October.

Since the Roadmap has been completed with patch 0.11.3, all the content that will be added in v1.0 is a surprise and should hopefully offer a little something for everyone.

What I can reveal already is that there will also be minor tweaks in balancing items to try make them more useful, with Santa Water/La Borra being the only one candidate for a slight nerf, as they tend to surpass almost everything else by an order of magnitude with little to no effort.

There will be a handful of new achievements, and a couple of the existing achievements will receive different unlock conditions (you won't have to get them again, they'll stay unlocked if you've already got them).
This is because during EA the Moongolow/Cappella incident had to be split over different patches, breaking the natural Stage progression. That will be reviewed and streamlined like for the other achievements.

Save Data will of course be left intact. We had to go through several iterations in the past months to make sure things work between PC, Mac, and Steam Deck, but, if anything goes wrong, please always remember that there's a Data Recovery system in the Options menu!

The game will still run in Electron, so aside from the new content there won't be much else particularly relevant (more on this, and on the new engine, in the paragraphs below).


New official languages coming

With 1.0 the game will officially support the following languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Japanese!
You'll still be able to use custom language patches of course, but we won't be able to use fan-translations once the game is in 1.0. A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to the Public localisation sheet, and while some of your lines might be gone, your names will stay in the credits and in our hearts of course


New engine port

The port to a new engine is still ongoing and we're aiming to release it by the end of the year. We're at the last pass at optimization and polish (plus adding the final bits of content that still have to be seen on the current version too). Once it's out, Save Data will carry over.

The goal of the new engine is to have the exact same game, with increased performance and compatibility for more machines, and like most new things in VS it will remain optional. So if you're happy with the current Electron version, nobody will force you to move to the new one :)

The major problems that the new engine will fix are:

- Work on machines that get the webGL not supported error, get a white screen of death, get a black screen with a sad face, or have the game installed on a non-standard path.
- Fix input issues or the game straight up crashing when multiple controllers are attached to the machine.
- Remapping input.
- Cloud Save conflicts due to non-useful files.
- Use more than 1 CPU core :) Let those FPS fly high
- Native support for Linux

What the new engine won't fix because it's a feature:

- Passing through walls


Post v1.0 support

While the game might be content complete, Vampire Survivors doesn't end here and a lot more surprises are in the works. A LOT.
We're working on the new engine and will have the usual tweaks/bug fixes of course, but also in the past months there have been a few unscheduled, niche gameplay additions to VS, like Golden Eggs and Limit Breaks, that are used so much that they need some QOL improvements.
On top of this, there will be no public-beta for v1.0, so player feedback will be even more important than usual after release!


More info on v1.0

We need plenty of time and focus to wrap up the content for v1.0, but starting from the 7th October we will also be posting little teasers and spoilers about it on the usual socials and Discord. We'll start exactly 14 days before release, by revealing something new every day. Sometimes just a little detail, sometimes something slightly bigger :)


(Picture of a Castlevania style advent calendar with the first entry marked Oct 7)


Also James Stephanie Sterling is onboard writing lore entries for the monsters.



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Patch 1.0!!!!!


New Content

- 3 achievements to fix existing unlocks:
Complete any 30 minutes stage with Gallo or Divano. [Unlocks: Bracelet]
Discover every standard evolution and union. [Unlocks: Candybox]
Evolve the Bracelet and then the Bi-Bracelet. [Unlocks: 500 gold]


- 4 new achievements:
Find all the relics from all stages.


[Unlocks stage: Eudaimonia M.]

Obtain Gracia's Mirror.


[Unlocks: Inverse Mode]

Obtain the Seventh Trumpet.


[Unlocks: Endless Mode]

See the final fireworks.


[Unlocks: Greatest Jubilee]


- 1 new event stage

- 1 new weapon
- New skins for: Pugnala, Giovanna, Poppea, Concetta, and Mask of the Red Death.
- New "Side B" soundtrack. Every Side B track unlocks together with the stage it belongs to.
- New option for "blast processed" sound effects.
- Added missing music tracks for Il Molise (and Boss Rash in 0.11.400)
- Added 11 languages: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.
- Added Twitch integration: the chat makes decisions for you and triggers special events. Enable in Options by typing in the chat's name, no need to login or doing anything weird.


- Stages layout is upside down (can be disabled in Options) plus minor visual changes depending on stage.
- Gold gains are increased by 200%. Luck bonus of 20%.
- Enemies start with +200% Max Health.
- Enemies gain 5% Max Health every minute and and 1% movement speed every 2 minutes (cumulative with the Bone Zone enemy bonuses).
- The merchant also sells: Skip, Banish, and Reroll (can carry up to 20) and 1 extra Arcana.


- The Reaper won't spawn at the final minute.
- Reaching the final minute of a stage will make the enemy waves to restart from minute 0, completing a "cycle".
- Enemies gain 100% of their base Max Health per cycle.
- Enemies spawn frequency and amount is increased by 50% per cycle.
- Enemies deal 25% more damage per cycle. The player's max damage cap is diminished by 1 per cycle.
- The merchant respawns on every cycle and sells "+1 Revival" instead of Golden Eggs.

Achievement Tweaks:

- Reduced level requirements for character achievements (reach LV 100 is now LV80, reach LV99 is now reach LV50)
- Mindbender now unlocks at 50 COLLECTION items instead of 100


- New UI to show what relics are available in each stage
- New UI to show what stages have been cleared for each character (plus option to turn it off)
- New UI option to lock the selection of a music track so it persists between runs
- Each rank in Banish and Reroll now grants 2 of them instead of 1.
- Picking up an Orologion also slows down Gold Fever decay by 50%
- Lightning Ring and Thunderloop are now affected by Arcana II - Twilight Requiem
- Bracelet is now affected by arcana XIV - Jail of Crystal. Bi-Bracelet is also affected by Arcana II - Twilight Requiem. Tri-Bracelet is also affected by Arcana XIX - Heart of Fire
- Reduced Sketamari's HP recovery when absorbing other skeletons.
- Increased XP gain in the early minutes of the Dairy Plant.
- Increased base gold amount in treasure chests.
- "Recovery" stat now also affects the potency of health recovery pickups.
- Arcana II - Twilight Requiem's explosions damage is now affected by Curse.
- "quick start" now becomes available after unlocking the 5 main stages.
- Capped all Limit break bonuses other than Might (this in particular is very open to suggestions in case it makes sense to increase some caps)

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1 hour ago, Alan Stock said:

There is but its not interactive if that's what you're saying. Although you can tell what kind of chest you are getting early in the animation by:

  Hide contents

checking the colour of the bands coming out of the chest. IRRC yellow is 3 items and red is 5. 


You get fireworks first too if it’s 5. Had 3 of those on the trot earlier by employing my placebo timing :lol:


Had the maddest build with a level 108 sloth, Evolved Santa Water, Evolved fireballs and level 8 cookies

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Add me to the 'why is this my most played game on deck' mystified crowd


I don't really like twin stick shooters (and this removes 50% of the user activity on that front) or rogue repeat games, interesting to see earlier in the thread the comment about the dev coming from the slots/gambling industry. You think you're immune to this stuff but your chimp brain is easier to trick than you'd like to think.


About 7h in and the constant feed of upgrades and the feeling of power creep is so addicitve.


Be interesting to see the comments when it's released on Xbox, it seems a perfect handheld game to me and not sure I'd be inclined to load it up on the big screen as much. 

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around 7h in and sticking with the opening map, hadn't made it past the 17-18m mark but had been focussing on Gennaro with the 2 daggers at the outset and been unlocking extra bits getting things levelled up past 7.


everything just clicked on a run and made it to 30m, I felt like a god. was powering up the daggers and the spinny bird thing plus pentagram to clear the whole screen periodically, then concentrating on levelling up the damage done and reducing the cool down, meaning I could effectively wade into anything.


what a great game.

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What is interesting to me is what is it that makes VS special - I've tried 2 other well reviewed homage/copies (Brotato & Void Scrappers) which on the surface both look 'better' but they're both pretty dull to play and I feel no hook at all, whereas I love VS.

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43 minutes ago, ilpostino said:


I think picking up coins/gold bags extends the timer.

Ok so the general fruity “ding ding ding” (which I think is based on XP gem conversion or something) is less relevant and you have to look for those? Will give it a try.


Got past 31 minutes in the forest for the first time today. The baddie turned into an egg on the map after I gave him some serious whuppin’ but when I went back to see what was there, it was a scarey nazgul that slurped me arteries sharpish. Nasty trick.

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quickly (for me) followed up 30m run on the first level with 30m in the library.


Gennaro character seems to suit me and it really was like a fruit machine pinging off for the last 10m or so, evolved weapons and blue crystals filling the screen and speakers.


loads of unlocks at the end too with more evolved weapon unlocks and enough gold to unlock the revival upgrade (10k)

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I did my first run in



Endless mode


last night. It was also the first time I had a build that meant I could just leave it running and not interact with the game at all and it just played itself. I think that's my goal with the game achieved now. After "breaking" the game like that I'm oddly disinclined to go back to it now. :lol:

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