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Vampire Survivors - BAFTA GOTY Winner! Tides of the Foscari DLC Out Now!


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Another new patch!


Contains 4 (?) new achievements:

- 1 new relic/major gameplay feature (Arcana)
- 1 more level of Banish
- 1 new weapon
- Inlaid Library Coffin

The new content in this patch will allow you to summon chaos and vicious creatures and also tap into the great occult power of the Arcanas.



- Minor changes to spawn waves
- Changed base drop rate of some Treasure Chests from 80% to 100%
- Reduced Cooldown of Carréllo
- Each rank in "Skip" now gives 2 skips instead of 1
- Specified Clock Speed in Stage Selection
- Removed special BGM from weapons (it stays on special characters only)


- Game data will now be saved when backing out of selection menus

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23 hours ago, Sureshot said:

Also, the new cat weapon is something else. :lol:


Especially what it does to the music every time you level it up!


RPS has an interview with the creator here.





Designing a game starring vampire hunters was his idea to pass time during the pandemic, along with having something to play during the weekend. Galante says he wasn't really planning on working on something that could be a hit with other players, it was just an attempt to hone his design skills. He wanted the game to feel fun for himself, but nothing that would be too time consuming - something that could be played for a quick session while working out on an exercise bike at home. “I thought of designing the attack as being automatic, so that the player could concentrate on doing something else,” he explains. But, since the start, Galante was also adamant about adding new items and characters to Vampire Survivors, so that he could keep a potential small community coming back to play it.


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2 hours ago, shirubagan said:

The cat weapon: How does it work? My cats seem to just spawn and not do anything — is that the joke?


At higher levels more cats spawn. Sometimes they get into fights which creates an area of AOE. There's no buff that goes with them yet so I'd class them as an experimental weapon for now.

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Bone Zone is really hard, and I'm still only using Curse Lv1. Managed to get to 29-ish mins a couple of times. Last run was nail-biting as I was using the new doggo and stacked a bunch of healing + AOE, then was basically running in circles until my La Borra would start massively overlapping, then continuing to run in slightly bigger circles to try and get enough hearts/gems for floor chickens to try and get through the next dry period where everything piled on top of me. Health bar was just going like a yo-yo.


It looked something like this:




Very nearly made it too. :(

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A new patch has dropped right when I can't play! No fair!


Contains 8 new achievements and:

- A coffin in Gallo Tower
- 1 new weapon
- 2 weapon evolutions
- 1 new item to pickup
- 2 new Arcanas
- 1 new relic/minor gameplay option
- 1 more rank for Banish

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19 minutes ago, bradigor said:

Can't get far into this at all yet. 12 minutes in the first area is my best and about lvl 23. But I really love the gameplay loop.


You do start getting the hang of it. At first I could barely reach 12 mins as well. These days unless I space totally out I'm making it right the way through once I get a feel for a level. Learning how to evolve weapons really helps. I've only got something like 10 hours in the game as well. If I'm going to die it's generally in the last 2 or more often 1 minute of the run.

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Yeah still got loads to unlock and just trying out an the different characters. 


Is there a way of telling when you move to a new area as I now have the option to start at a new one 

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Finally played a few hours of this, is it just me or is it strangely relaxing? I think it's the 'nothing but one analogue stick' aspect.


Best I've managed so far was going full garlic with Antonio in the library for 25 minutes. Which is probably going in my 'Sentences Videogames Made Me Type' scrapbook.

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Well, this is wonderful one-more-go stuff. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, 'mukkers!


9 hours ago, Rsdio said:

Best I've managed so far was going full garlic with Antonio in the library for 25 minutes. Which is probably going in my 'Sentences Videogames Made Me Type' scrapbook.


Indeed. I think my current sentence has to be 'I'm fucking loving the Bible at the moment'. 😭

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Yeah, without being too experienced that was sort of the feeling I had about the garlic - great early on since it mows through the popcorn enemies and makes it safe to easily pick up gems so you can level up really fast but it seems to top out at a certain point, after which it struggles to get rid of things fast enough. I might just start giving it a level or two before focusing on other items.

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Yeah my best run came without garlic in all fairness. I think it was a case of being brave enough to ghet through the first couple if minutes at a low level. 


I do love it when you go through and leave a ton of gems, then get the special thing that just attracts them all. In one run I think I went up about 10 levels instantly because of that. 

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A new patch is here. It's also worth pointing out that this is now on GamePass.


New Content

Contains 5 new achievements to unlock:
- 1 bonus stage
- 1 relic to access 2 minor gameplay mechanics
- 2 new arcanas
- 1 more rank for the Skip power-up



- Halved base duration of Shadow Pinion and Valkyrie Turner
- Shadow Pinion and Valkyrie Turner striking attack has a damage bonus depending on how long it has been "charged"
- Arcana XIX - Heart of Fire also affects Valkyrie Turner's striking attack and Phiera Der Tuphello
- Every bonus point in Armor now also increases retaliatory damage by 10%. Retaliatory damage is currently inflicted by NO FUTURE and Arcana XIX
- Music and music mods can now be previewd in stage selection screen
- Rerolls can now be used to draft Arcanas


- Unfortunately, due to one of the new game mechanics, the time has come to fix the Bone-stuck-in-the-boss glitch
- Tentative fix to items sometimes not leveling up near the end of a run


New minor game mechanics

Due to the amount of work needed to improve on the save data issues with Mac and Steam Cloud, and also for the future patch 0.7, patch 0.6.0 will have less content than usual. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but I also hope you have fun with the new little mechanics added in this patch!

One of the new mechanics is mostly for players who simply enjoy playing the game even when there's nothing left to unlock, so please don't feel like you have to grind for these new bonuses.

Future content, unlocks, and achievements will still be (un)balanced on the vanilla character stats and power-ups* and so will not expect you to have accumulated any of these new bonuses.
* Curse excluded

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I ignored this up to now as I thought it looked a little ropey...


I just played it for six hours. Wtf.


I don't think I'll play much more though, it felt like I'd seen a large part of what it had to offer in that time. The build options didn't really seem that extensive or transformative. I think it needs something more somewhere...


It is great value though. And I can actually play it as it only requires one hand.

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