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Vampire Survivors - BAFTA GOTY Winner! Tides of the Foscari DLC Out Now!


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I can't put my finger on why this game is so addictive.





The sensory barrage of colors and sounds can almost feel like being in an arcade or a casino — which is what Luca Galante, Vampire Survivors’ developer, was going for. Galante previously worked as a software developer in the gambling industry, and that experience informed his perspective when it came to making a more traditional game.

“Slot games are very simple,” he tells The Verge. “All the player has to do is press one button, and the game designers have to find a way to push the player to press that button. [The player] is actually spending money every time they press it, and because of that, there’s a huge attention to detail on the sounds, the animations, and the sequences, because you have so few elements to work with. Basically, [the designers] try to maximize the importance and impact those elements have on the player. I just absorbed that knowledge basically just by being in the industry. And so when making a game, I have automatically applied it to what [I’ve been] doing.”


Ah. That explains it.

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Definitely one of my more reliable picks, although if you have extremely powerful ranged weapons in the lategame hardly anyone can get close enough for bible to do much. But with how busy the last minute or so gets, always good to have insurance.


Incidentally, I had my first run with the priest guy yesterday, gets a 30% weapon speed increase by default which I had stacked a bunch more speed pickups onto. By the end bible was spinning so fast the game couldnt animate it properly.

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6 hours ago, Unofficial Who said:

Anyone played any of the levels in "Hyper" mode? So. Much. Faster.


Edit now part of the 56/56 club. That final weapon evolution is just amazing.

I have been playing the Library and the Forest in hyper mode for a while, you get used to it quite quickly.


I really need to try out the new stage, I haven't touched it yet.

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Love that level-up choices now show you which supports etc you need for evolutions, such a great change. 


While I'm really happy that this is doing so well and that the dev has such big plans for it, I do worry about the loot pool getting too big and it becoming too hard to stack a loadout with evolutions. This is ultimately a game of decisions and the bigger the loot pool gets the harder it becomes for you to make the right choices. I'm already finding that at least one or two slots end up unevolved because the game kept giving me a choice of three things I didn't want/need. According to that roadmap there are 16 new weapons/evos coming. That's pretty disruptive and skips/rerolls are very expensive. 

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