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Vampire Survivors - 1.3.0. Update


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I got wiped out at 20 mins, I was thinking it would be easy so picked a basic character and got wiped out whilst exploring


the caves.

Did a 30 minute run with one of the secret characters after. The map is huge with lots of different areas. So mission around far more than you would on the old levels. 

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Patch 1.2.0 - The Moon One


New Content

- 1 new very important skin for Peppino


- added option to toggle maxed power ups
- when treasure chests are skippable, coin-only treasure chests will now just play a quick in-game animation
- treasure chests containing Arcanas have a different colour
- fix for overall kill count breaking on modded/corrupted saves
- fixed infinitely bouncing Carrello
- minor fixes in bestiary
- removed Floor Chicken requirement for Marrabbio
- fixed non-looping music tracks: Castle People and I'm Every Reaper
- added support for DLC
- coffins will now spawn on maps even if you don't have the Milky Way Map
- pause menu map is now zoomed-in in Moongolow, The Bone Zone, and Mt.Moonspell


DLC released


- 1 new large stage, with different enemies spawning in different zones
- 8 new characters
- 13 new weapons and evolutions
- 6 new music tracks

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6 hours ago, Stoikovich said:

I have 50+ hours on PC, and now going through it all again on iOS…

there’s a ‘feature’ on iOS where you can select multiple upgrades due to multitouch :D  great fun cheating before it gets patched out!

What what? I picked up Limit Break on the iOS version yesterday, and now I find out!

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I'd give this a day or two.


I've had two game-killing crashes (PC Gamepass) since installing the DLC. I didn't screencap the error messages but it was something about variables not being set properly, or something. Both times the music kept playing but the game became completely unresponsive and I had to kill it via Task Manager. 


I've been playing it for a month, got all the base-game achievements and never had any issues at all, so it's definitely some artifact of the new update. I'm sure it'll get patched. 


Edit: got a screenshot this time. 




Edit 2: they know about it





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Well this is total shit isn’t it? I mean the graphics are horrible, there’s no story, I didn’t buy a 3080 to play cra… 


Three hours later. I can’t see. 

No idea what’s going on yet really. Seem to die very easily. But fuck me this is addictive. 

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1 hour ago, spanx said:

I didn’t buy a 3080 to play cra…


Honestly, a common thing for PC gaming in general.

Anyway, I successfully returned Toem as it's going to be on Humble Monthly, so there's a cool £5 in my Steam account. It'd be a shame to spend under half of that money on something related to Vampire Survivors that came out on the 15th December

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Still haven’t lasted past 20 minutes or so. Got a good build going with garlic and the shield herb thing and felt almost invincible. Then it fucked me. 

I had to turn it off as when I close my eyes it’s just a wall of moving sprites. 

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Charging nearly as much for the DLC as the full game, they’ve got some nerve. :D


New map is fun, and a nice change by being a proper area to explore.

I had a couple of turns and quickly died.  Second turn got to lvl150, unlocked a new character, found a new weapon, went colourblind and killed death

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10 hours ago, Stoikovich said:

Charging nearly as much for the DLC as the full game, they’ve got some nerve. :D


Just in case anyone hasn't realised, you only have until the 22nd of this month to save 16p on the usual price of £1.59 for this!

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