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Nintendo Direct 9th February 10pm UK time - unreasonable hopes and impossible expectations


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I wasn't expecting anything, got a new Xenoblade and 2D-HD remakes of the OG Front Mission games and Live-A-Live. Thumbs up!


I had a great time playing the fan translation of Front Mission 1 on the SNES, so it's great to see a commercial version readily available.

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4 minutes ago, BitterToad said:

Cunt's like "how was that?" after revealing 48 Mario Kart Tracks for £25. 


He might as well be smoking a cigarette. 



Great direct. 

Loads of odd interesting things to dive into but particularly excited for Front Mission and Switch Sports.


And shit looks like they got me on the switch online thing now.

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4 minutes ago, Halo said:

Sequels, remakes and microtransactions/10.


They know their audience, but it's a bit of an indictment on the state of the games industry as a whole.


I mean... There are plenty of new titles getting released all the time, on top of sequels and re releases. Microtransactions are normal, and for many welcome, like 48 Mario Kart tracks. Asolutely bonkers, especially for the price. 


The industry is doing great, and we should count our lucky stars we have such a diverse selection of titles to play. 


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Just now, Azrael said:

48 new Mario Kart courses is very nice and all but is that really going to be enough to keep the players when Disney Racing becomes available.... 

Given that looks shit, yes.

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6 minutes ago, HarMGM said:

What stands out is just how soon everything releases. A Wii Sports sequel and Mario Strikers sequel and Kirby and Live a Live and Mario Kart DLC before the fucking end of July.

You forgot Chrono Cross 😛


And, just a thought, they ALWAYS leave a REALLY big title for the end of the year, XC3 is big, but it's not mainstream big... so SOMETHING is coming for Christmas and it's gott abe Zelda

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4 minutes ago, scottcr said:


For €24,99 no less. We're getting a new MK for less then half the price.


Also, ha ha at the people who called me a sucker for buying the N64 Switch Online for €40. Who's laughing now suckers!

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1 minute ago, Popo said:

Mario Kart 8 has 24 tracks.


24 tracks.


Nintendo are adding 200% more tracks.



And I’m paying nothing for it. Comes with the expansion pass. So much for the ‘no value’ comments. Nuts. 

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