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Hello. I am an idiot. I clicked Cheeko's link and put the vpx file in the 'tables' folder. But when I try to open it I get told that a cc_13 rom is missing. Cheeko explained in PMs that I need that too, but what's just the standard process you all do when deciding to play a new table? Because, for me, it is currently get the vpx file, then google the missing rom and stick the zip file in the \VPinMAME\roms folder and hope it works.


Thank you.


Edit: Also, on CC, how do I see my highest score?

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played a bit of Avengers Infinity in HMV at lunchtime. Was good fun, I like how many habitrail things there are and it shoots good. I like how there are 2 different shots feeding the 3rd flipper. I don't like those spinning discs with a post, find them deeply unsatisfying to hit but the way it rises out of the playfield to open up a see through subway thing was neat. 83million on the first game earned me a replay, don't think I broke 30mil on any of the others but did get a couple of Match replays so 6 games for £2 can't complain about that. Can complain about the Stern electronic knock squawk noise though, it's horrible I shit myself every time.

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5 hours ago, Parappa said:

hit 20m a couple of times now but its not easy!   even multiball doesn't seem to give you a great amount of points. 


I find it hard to keep track of everything that's going on. I get how to initiate the gunfight, but all the other stuff going just goes right over my head :lol:

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16 hours ago, Parappa said:

Just fired this up and maybe its just me but does the ball fly around the table just a bit quicker than other tables? 

Think it's like that in real life too, from the few times i've played it.


Speaking of live pinball, I just finished a festival where I had 4 pinball machines onsite: Deadpool, Godzilla, Hot Shots and Legends of Valhalla.  My favourite by far was Deadpool and I ended up putting up a GC score of around 330M :). Top 5 real machines I've ever played.








Oh...and I ended up buying a Jurassic Park Premium for myself - one of Keith Elwin's finest and currently ranked #3 of all time on the Pinside Top 100.  Should be here in about a month's time.  Woohooo.



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Finally got around to Monster Bash yesterday, I really love the physics on this table, this is my jam, live catches and little taps all working really well.


Only had time to watch the papa tutorial and have a couple of goes but seems like you get all ramps almost done and then just do frankenstein and as many others as possible before the game mode starts or something? To add to my confusion I dodn’t realise I’d started a two player game and thought it reset my progress, anyway, blagged my way to this.




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