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Boozy The Clown

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6 hours ago, Benny said:



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That Halo Infinite review nails it.



"That Halo Infinite review nails it."


Do you really think so or is it just because you agree with him?


The way he tosses off the criticisms about the game being too easy as "but it is FUN duuurrrr" is a massive disservice to the game and its longevity. Infinite is a play once or twice and never return, rather than the game for life that previous Halos have been. The low difficulty just makes it boring and predictable. It's not a flex to say its too easy. It's another way of saying the long term appeal of the game just isn't there. Likewise his justification of the lack of variety in the environment was just casually thrown out there with "it's set on a Halo duuuuurrrr" which again doesn't take into account the lack of replayability and depth of previous Halos.


He also says he likes the bosses - do you agree with that, @Benny?


Shit review that misses the point of what made Halo so great.

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If you'd read my review in the games of the year voting thread you'd see I agree (mostly) because I do really think so. It can be both. Please refer to that review.


Also I put that in a spoiler because people might want to be surprised and delighted by what they cover in the video while watching it. That's something I've always liked about Consolevania - whether it's Ryan unearthing some indie stuff or Rab waxing lyrical about the latest board games. You never know what it's going to be.

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Also: I think it's possible to think a review nails something even if you don't personally agree. I like hearing differing perspectives on things because sometimes I will think differently about them at times if I listen to another person's passion. It's why I gave Sekiro another appraisal a little while after getting stuck and bouncing off it for a while, because the passion and excitement from those who had finished it encouraged me to press on. So I did and the game opened up to me like a beautiful flower.


Similarly, Doom Eternal on a second play through was much much more awesome than the first time I played it, as I accepted it for what it was, rather than what I expected it to be.


It seems people are fixated on the idea that there is one ultimate source of truth and a game must be "good" or "bad" and that's that forevermore and there is no room for nuance in-between.

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