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Formula One - 2022 - Rllmuk League is live

T Pot

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9 hours ago, Blue said:

OK, 'fess up. Who told Lewis it was a pyjama party? 

According to Alex Wurz it was his idea, so I guess he set the dress code and no one else followed through. :lol:

Everyone smiling except…the Ferrari drivers. :unsure:

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3 place grid penalty for Danny Ric for taking out KMag. What a miserable season he's had, incredibly even worse than last season. He might be begging Hass for that seat in a year or two as I can't see anyone decent taking a risk on him. Unless RB fire Checo and take him on as a patsy for Max.

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23 hours ago, ryodi said:



Which Im fairly sure isn’t true because F1 broadcast the radio conversation before he overtook Perez saying that if he didn’t overtake the Ferraris he’d have to give the position back. EDIT: That was actually Perez’s radio.




Ignoring the RB are telling lies on when Max was told aspect, that whole statement either shows that they are hugely naive (lols), or (more likely) they are just deflecting as always.


Everyone: RB are ignorant cunts who don't care about Checo, and are all about Max.

RB statement: We care about everyone because lies. Look! Over there, social media is a cesspool of ignorant cunts.



37 minutes ago, Blue said:

Unless RB fire Checo and take him on as a patsy for Max.


4 minutes ago, davidcotton said:



These 2 posts following one another are a coincidence that are definitely not a coincidence!


Much like the re-re-re-re-return of the Hulk, Ricciardo should just be sent home.  RB should either be pulling from their driver academy, or ex-driver academy, getting some new blood in there to gain experience and learn from Checo and Max, not cover off the increasing likelihood that Checo will be sent home.

Hulkenberg similarly should be making way for someone new.  F2 is turning into a pointless feeder formula, with winners either not ending up in F1, or not turning up for a season or 2 post winning the F2 championship.  Meanwhile, drivers with the funding who finish high enough up the F2 ladder to make super licence points get into F1.  

I think I'm right in saying an F2 champion can't return for another season, at this point, winning F2 is more of a farce that simply disadvantages the champion, if it were me, finishing 2nd would be a definite aim!


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Great news if confirmed about Ric imo. Perez needs to be watching his back and mouth now - by doing this RB have in one stroke will have got Perez back into line when he *could* have become a problem. Tactically RB really do pull off the moves.


F2 has had this problem forever. F1 teams don't want to risk it on new blood unless they are outstanding. I can't see this changing unless a rookie is mandated in a 3rd car (never going to happen)


I agree on Hulk mind, I don't get that. Mick on the other hand, if he hadn't crashed as much I bet he'd still be there. 

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10 minutes ago, wev said:

Would Danny be the "simulator driver"?

That's what's being mooted, but he can obviously be whatever they decide. It might already be too late for Checo if team principal Max doesn't trust him to do his bidding any more. If Danny hadn't proven to be such a liability in recent years he'd have been straight into the hot seat, imo. 

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It really is a no-lose situation for RB to put him in. He'll be cheap as chips, motivated and they have all the data on him historically, where Perez is and soon they will have where Ric is. If he's miles off, show cars and little else son. If he's faster or similar to Perez then they have an easy replacement should they ever need it. 

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21 minutes ago, Corranga said:

The governing body of a sport who are bound to their rules and upholding them won’t investigate an allegation of rule breaking unless it’s complained about..



There hasn't been an allegation, just supposition from the media. 

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