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Formula One - 2022 - Rllmuk League is live

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16 minutes ago, minstrels said:

What's up with the Vegas race being on a Saturday? 🤔

It's expected to be 10PM on Saturday, and they will be wanting it to be a night race. 6AM Sunday in UK. They won't want the race happening early Monday morning in European time or there will be fuck all viewers.

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Name recognition would be my guess. He’s the son of Bryan Herta a former IndyCar driver who now runs a successful team and is I think the youngest IndyCar race winner ever.  I don’t think any of the other drivers have that kind of back story.

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Also, he's American, rather than just in America.


I know I'm a bit late to the game here, but the super licence points argument is an interesting one.  Ignoring Americans on Twitter who simply point out that IndyCar is the 2nd tier in world motorsport because it's American, the balance definitely has some bias towards F2 (perhaps because it's all about heading to F1 and F2 is run in a similar fashion, perhaps as IndyCar is easy enough to get into that we still see rich privateer teams coming along, though not sure that's much different to F2 with funded drivers anyway?)


Drivers need 40 points over the previous three seasons in any combination of the championships:



from wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FIA_Super_Licence


Obviously there are other criteria, but this is the one that matters as it's the only one out of control of the driver / teams (in terms of you can't really fake a 3rd place in F2 while you can stick someone in for a test)


Herta has managed 3rd, 5th and 10th in Indycar in the last 3 seasons, so only has 29 points, which, I think means it's reasonable to not get him into F1.

3rd place in 2020 and has got worse since. Of course that 3rd place in 2020 would see him with a super licence if IndyCar met the same criteria as F2, but I'd argue that the full 40 points for finishing in the top 3 in F2 is the problem here, and that should be staged better like all the others.  

F1 is already full of taken spots with few leaving, and potentially generating 3 new drivers every season seems silly to me.  Also, why not make the F2 win the only one with 40 points, it's also the only one that means you can't compete at that level again.


On a side note, the balance between Hypercar and F3 and E is kinda funny too.  Less points for 2nd, more for 4th...


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The thing with Herta and the points is, as there isn't any churn of drivers put of F1 these days, all these young bucks get to f2 and can't get into F1. So they either stand at the back of some teams garage looking lost and making cups of tea for the mechanics. Or head off to another series. 

As they generally have a reasonable budget with them they rock up in a solid midfield indy car team or maybe a junior wec team in the next few years. 


Standing at the back of the garage means losing out on experience and keeping the race craft sharp. 


Indy is a pale imitation of F1 and doesn't really deserve the same point. 


WEC is about being a team player and has nothing to do with F1 ethics these days. 


Formula E has shot itself in the foot with rubbish cars and stupid rules. 


So to get an F1 seat you basically have to be standing at the front of the que, with a big fat cheque or a massive amount of talent (preferably both) when the music stops and the door opens to let you in. 

Once you leave the que to go and join a different que it's all pretty much over. 


Having not done any sort of formula racing Herta was just trading on his name, and that's never enough in F1. As Mick is finding out at Hass. 

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On 27/09/2022 at 11:10, Sidewaysbob said:

Zhou's massive cheque is staying with alfa until Audi have finished buying it all up. 


But I jest. He's been the best of the recent new intake and certainly deserves another season or two really. 


Lol, I admire anyone with a mindset that still thinks audi will turn up...

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6 hours ago, bear said:

They've committed haven't they? They either have an engine ready for 2026 or they have to write someone a big cheque as far as I understand the rules. 




They have an engine ready? Maybe in some files on a hard drive somewhere. They'll bail.


I mean for fucks sake Lamborghini are off to the wec, where the hell are the VAG group finding the cash to do all this bullshittery in all these other formulas, and still write massive cheques to do F1??


Global events will cause them to can it. At least that's my vibe. Three years is a long way off. Too long.



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