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Formula One - 2022 - Rllmuk League is live

T Pot

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10 minutes ago, Sidewaysbob said:

hah, if Seb can't stand to driver it, honestly what makes you think Ricky would want to get into it ?

That he wont have a seat in the McLaren for much longer and he hasn't exactly set the world alight there either.

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1 hour ago, mexos said:

Money, desperately wanting to stay in F1. That sort of thing.

Yeah. Someone still hoping for a shot at a championship one day is going to have a much higher tolerance for shit cars than a guy who’s won four.

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Yeah, but he's never going to get any sort of shot in an Aston, he's going to waste 2 years sitting at the back of the grid and driving to 9/10/11th place. 

He not going to get a ferrari, redbull or Merc seat from there, he's just going back down the grid into shitter and shitter cars. 


He's going to go off to indy car or ozzy trucks or maybe, possibly one of the upcoming LMdh cars from ferrari or BMW. But his days of an F1 title shot are well and truly over. He'll see out next year than that's it. 


Also, he's a driver that likes to not so much burn bridges when he leaves, but take off and nuke the entire site from orbit, just to be sure he never gets asked back. 

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