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How easily can you name your top 5 games of all time?

Jamie John

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11 minutes ago, Nick R said:





That is a very unusual choice to see! I liked it overall, and it had a good concept for a selection of fighting game characters, and Sonic the Comic had some good comic strips based on it.


But it always felt like it was the poor man's Street Fighter 2. And the unalterable difficulty balance in the main story/arcade mode was absurd - I don't think I ever got more than three fights into it! I've since seen YouTube videos of people completing it, but only by cheesing their way through it by spamming the same move over and over.

It's a pure nostalgia vote. At the time I lapped up the reviews (97% in Meanmachines), read all the character back stories even got the sticker book but couldn't actually afford the game so had to perennially rent it from my local video store. 


It was massively flawed, like you say, the Eternal Champion was impossible to beat, there were no real combo opportunities (the MegaCD version did resolve this) but it had tonnes of character and before SF2CE it was just what the Mega Drive needed. 


I still pop it on every now and again (Nightmare is my man) for a bit of a nostalgia hit, oh and the title theme is my ringtone! 


I was hoping for a remaster but the key guy who created it for SEGA of America, Michael Latham tragically died last year :(

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Its not that easy because there are tonnes of games that I have to think about if I'd still play them now.  Like Goldeneye was amazing at the time, but playing it now its not as good (I still enjoyed replaying....but it wouldnt feature as highly as when it was current).  Also, if I could pick WoW purely from the Wrath of the Lich King era but ignore some of the expansions after, that would deffo be in there....as is, I think I'd have to include it purely due to how much I've played still (and some expansions after were good, but others pants).


So roughly;



Super Mario 64

Mass Effect 2




Theres a few that could creep in there on a different day depending on how I was feeling - Skyrim, Zelda A Link To The Past, Silent Hill 2.  Theres deffo some games that would have been on my list at the time they were current, like Oblivion, Goldeneye, Resident Evil (original PS1) and FF7 that I still really like, but I think have lost a bit of the lustre of when I first played them, but mainly because i thought so highly of them at the time.


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