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How easily can you name your top 5 games of all time?

Jamie John

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Top 2 is easy as they're interchangeable:


Wonderboy III: The Dragon's Trap

Crazy Taxi (Dreamcast version. Not the shoddy ports. Fuck those guys.


Both are land marks in my life and they both hold up really well, especially when given the love and care the Lizard Cube version of Wonderboy was.


The next 3 probably look like:

Streets of Rage II - unsurpassed until 4 came along and did the impossible of making one of the best games ever better.


Dark Souls - I bounced off this hard when it came out. But when it clicked? Oh man. I'll never experience anything like it again, I don't think. It's not perfect, Smough and Ornstein and Sen's Fortress can do one but there's a reason it's so often imitated.


Borderlands 2 - The reason Borderlands 3 was such a let down. In 2012 this game was unparalleled for me. It was funny, it was vast, it was a neon paradise in a sea of brown and grey and the dlc was actually worth buying. I bought it something like 8 times.




Diablo III - Now I think about it Borderlands 2 and Diablo II share many, many qualities that makes me love them. I've put hundreds and hundreds of hours into both.



What's curious is there are 2 games which surpass my top 5 because they're ridiculously important milestones in my life. Too many significant things are attached to them to do something as dumb as stick them in an ordered list.


Rock Band - guitar hero set the tone (lol pun) but Rock Band was fucking magic. The times it came out to play are some of the best in my life. No exaggeration. Mainly around RLLMUK Sheffield meets. They brought some wonderful people into my life, some I haven't seen in a long time, some I talk to daily. It's immeasurable how important this game was.


World of Warcraft - where I met my other half. The reason my previous other half left me. Well, in part. Same as Rock Band I met many people I hold dear to me through this game. Hundreds of hours interacting and laughing and raiding and looting and oh man.


I heard one of our raid group passed away the other day. He was an older gent but not old enough. I hadn't spoken to him in years but it still made me sad. He was good people. Wicked Priest. After he passed I saw he was still signed into the Blizzard app on his mobile. He's offline now.


When I saw his name on the app I also saw a person I'd erased from my memory who hadn't been online in 9 years.. Her and her boyfriend were locked up for grooming. That was a memory I could've done without remembering.


This is why I love video games. Not the grooming, that's grim as shit and I hope they rot in hell, but they've given me stories, memories, people, good times, bad times. It bothers me that people still see them as a waste of time and/or a children's toy. Most people really don't know how powerful they can be.



Sorry, I went on a bit. Normal service of swearing and posting inane takes will resume presently.



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Hmm. Off the top of my head, I'd say the following in no particular order:


Super Mario Bros 3

Fallout: New Vegas

Zelda: A Link to the Past

Soul Calibur (Dreamcast version obv)

Phantasy Star Online


I did have to think a little about PSO, mind - in terms of ARPGs, I did start with Diablo II (albeit fleetingly), and I spent more time in a single game with Path of Exile. But ultimately, it was PSO that really impacted what I'd play from that point onwards.


Of course, the more you think, the more you realise the stuff you leave on the table. So, eh, best not think about it.

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2 hours ago, Boozy The Clown said:


You really need to have a wee word with yourself. Some of us never had the good fortune of growing up with Nintendo or Sega consoles and a selection of the classic games to experience because they were effectively way too expensive to even dream of getting to play. So we don't have this nostalgic view of all things Japanese based on childhood memories of our favourite games. That's my best explanation of why I've never been big on Japan. I suppose I dun fucked up by really only being a gamer once I could buy the shit myself and having missed those so important classic generations that mean I'm not allowed in the exclusively populated by fannies club that you deem so important.



Yeah, yeah, yeah. What it actually is is you dun fucked up backing Xbox, hence the lack of the true good Japan shit in your list :P

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Champ Man 97/98

PES (ps2 era games)

Battlefield BC2


Far Cry 2


all of those games have left the strongest memories with me. 

the likes of Bloodborne, BOTW, SMW, SMK are all better games and I loved them? But the others just hit at the right time in my life.


Point Blank would absolutely be in there if I owned the arcade cab. It’s sensational. 

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10 hours ago, Calashnikov said:

What the fuck are you doing?


No regrets. Some of the best courses still, the definitive battle mode (block fort), the least broken blue shell, and to this day people still discovering short cut glitches. Love me some Mazza Kazza 64.

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No particular order - but off the top of my head and for different reasons...


Ferrari F355 Challenge (Dreamcast) - a great arcade conversion and sim-like with great close racing and extended home features. Very satisfying racing in it's day.


Bloodborne (PS4) - the first time a FROM game clicked for me. The only game I've platinumed. I appreciate how it makes you use your brain and memory, all other action-adventure games by other developers seem pointlessly watered down now to me.


Call of Duty Modern Warfare (Xbox 360) - I finally understood what the fuss was about around online gaming. When the thing RROD'd it was like having a withdrawal from a serious drug habit.


Ridge Racer (Playstation) - Looked at the pictures from the Japanese version in Edge magazine's review constantly and dreamed what it would look and play like in the home, then waited 6 long months for the UK release. Amazing time.


Super Metroid (SNES) - marvellous in every way


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4 hours ago, Eric said:

Micromachines TT 96




4 hours ago, Eric said:

Eternal Champions 


That is a very unusual choice to see! I liked it overall, and it had a good concept for a selection of fighting game characters, and Sonic the Comic had some good comic strips based on it.


But it always felt like it was the poor man's Street Fighter 2. And the unalterable difficulty balance in the main story/arcade mode was absurd - I don't think I ever got more than three fights into it! I've since seen YouTube videos of people completing it, but only by cheesing their way through it by spamming the same move over and over.

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Always easy to remember. 


Super Metroid


Street Fighter 2 Turbo


Final Fantasy 7


I don't think there a single game that will ever beat that joy of playing these for the first time. That joy alludes me as I get older. Games just don't give me a sense of wonder anymore. Although Red Dead Redemption 2 did come close. 


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