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Board Gaming Expenditure 2022


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Ok, here goes:



3D printed insert for New York Zoo - £12.00

Escape the Dark Castle - £27.00

King of Tokyo, King Kong Monster Pack and Welcome To Your Perfect Home Game: Dry Erase Boards - £16.75

For The King (And Me) - £18.98



Picture Perfect - £40.72

Picture Perfect - Deluxe Acrylic Upgrade Pack x 2 - £35.69


So far: £151.14

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My budget year runs to June 30 and, owing to an un-budgeted splurge of KS projects in Q3/4 2021, I'm presently juggling the figures.


To date in 2022 - £100, being a second copy of The Kings Dilemma, and an on sale copy of Fief 


This (budget) year must haves are new Heroquest and expansions, the expansion for Destinies, Hex volume V and all new material and Euthia expansion.  Should just about be able to cover these but will also be looking to sell some games in February.

Thankfully I've kicked Kickstarter, but that's slightly disingenuous these days since so many games appear on Gamefound.

Should be a raft of BIG (volume) games coming through in Q3 and 4 2022 to more than keep me busy and I'll lower the budget again for 22/23.

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Don't think I've bought anything this year until now


Dominion second edition - £20 - always regretted selling this so jumped on a bargain on a fb group

Cascadia - £37 - the new hotness, found it in stock on a random website (rollplayshop) so thought why not!


Total £57

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22 minutes ago, Padster said:

I don't understand why anyone would want to play Dominion irl when the online version is so fantastic? 

It's a physical card game you can play with other people round a table while looking at each other and talking? I don't want to play solo sat at a desk.


Why would anyone play digital dominion anyway when slay the Spire exists?

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Cascadia - £37

Fiasco classic rulebooks - £25

Monikers expansion - £15

Wembley - £8

Bristol 1350 - £20

Robo rally - £25

Kluster - £15



Rebuying things I sold in the past like a fool

Cosmic encounter 42nd anniversary plus cosmic incursion - £55

Dead of winter - £37

Deception murder in Hong Kong + expansion - £56

Game of thrones 2nd edition board game and mother dragons - £43

Pandemic Iberia - £25



School club

Survive escape from Atlantis + expansion - £28

Escape curse of the temple - £25

Diamant - £20

Uno + dobble - £20


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