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Wordle - free daily word game (see link in first post)

Jamie John

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13 hours ago, Nick R said:

Missed yesterday's (#222) so reset my streak. :(


Bit late now but for the future, or other people: if you set your computer clock back temporarily before you visit the page then you can still do yesterday's to catch up (but do it first, before you do today's, then close your browser and restore the current time).


It requires more messing around to go further back in time, because of HTTPS certificates, but it should just work as long as the clock's wrong by less than 24h, I think.

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Wordle 224 4/6






I've got the rest of my department playing this now, which has resulted in our WhatsApp group turning into a copy of this thread.

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1 hour ago, andyw said:

Via Simon Singh on Twitter, https://nerdlegame.com is one of the better Wordle-inspired games that I’ve seen. It’s maths rather than words. Worth a look if you’re enjoying Wordle.


Oooh, that's a whole other level of difficulty

Nerdle 10 5/6


https://nerdlegame.com #nerdle

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