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Wordle - free daily word game (see link in first post)

Jamie John

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Wordle 207 6/6












RAZOR <-- (Not sure what I was thinking, using a Z and double R on guess 3!)


At this point I started to try the US spellings...






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10 hours ago, Fry Crayola said:

At no point is the author going to have gone and created the word lists himself, or even bothered to run through and verify each possible word by hand.



My wife read there are 2000 puzzles queued up, per the dev. Not sure if that's correct.


I got it in 5 because I can do either dictionary, although I complained on Teams that my colleagues had an advantage today.


Edit - still laughing at the last couple of pages here :) I assume the fickle internet lost its collective shit at a good, free thing not being exactly what they expected.

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