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EDGE #367 - Elden Ring

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Dear Mr Hawklord,

Subscription Customer Number: A-Sxxxxxxx 

Thank you for your email regarding Edge.

I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t receive your copy of the February 2022. I’ve had a look at the records and I can confirm that it has been despatched. So, it looks like it’s been lost in the postal system.

I’m sorry to say, but this issue is now out of print. This means I can’t send you a replacement copy. However, I’ve refunded your respective account for GBP6.00, you should see it in your account soon.

If you ever feel like re-subscribing take a look at www.magazinesdirect.com for a great range of titles and special offers.

If you need any extra help, please contact us.

Kind regards
Stefan King


Cunts 😕


Time to grab the high seas version

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I haven’t received any post for about a month thanks to Covid-related mayhem at the local sorting office. There are apparently sacks of post out the back that are still unsorted. I’m still hoping I’m going to get this issue of Edge, the most recent issue of Retro Gamer, and about a dozen Christmas cards, but I suspect it’s even money as to whether they’ll go for a year zero approach for 2022 and just chuck the lot in the canal. 

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I've not had my copy either, and having no issues with any other post. Its been like this for the last few issues. Private Eye manage to get it to me before it hits the shops every time. Did @Rudderlesssay a new distribution company took over recently? Service has definitely declined significantly.

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Anyone now receive their subs copy? This is the only one you cannot order a replacement for, and seems that way immediately since it came out. With the contents being Elden it would be the most popular for a while, but it seems a large number of subs copies that have vanished.



Yes, this Christmas season we received an high volume of single issue orders for February 2022


Got this from support chat. Being ungenerous it feels like they sent out these and then blaming the post on subs copies.

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