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1AM - The Geoff, Reggie and Kojima Show - 2021 (otherwise known as TheGameAwards)


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Lots of good trailers this year. My favourite was probably Homeworld 3, what a great video, the music, the scale, and showing snippets of ships gracefully arcing through space and in combat bringing back fond memories of the originals.


Senua's Sarifice 2 (forgot the name)... if it really is ingame, that's completely insane. Thing is, I believe them considering how real the first game looked at times. Obviously its all mo-capped and prescripted but holy shit the lighting and photorealism, incredible. 


Halo TV series looks cool. Telltale doing the Expanse, interesting although Drummer looks very weird in that art style. A Quantic Dream Star Wars game as rumours had suggested, cool trailer and intrigued. The fox game looks like it could be quite good, it looks almost exactly like Deaths Door but I checked the devs and its different, this is from the guys who did Night in the Woods. Silent Hill directors game looked bizarre and not very scary, but I'm interested to see what kind of horror game it actually is.


Hyped for a new Plague Tales game. Skipped most of that, and all of Elden Ring trailer to avoid spoilers. The final trailer for the shooty robot game had amazing looking graphics but looked generic otherwise and had the curse of a terrible cliched script and annoying generically voiced AI teammates shouting 'good shot', 'i got you' and all that shite. 


I just skipped through the vod to watch all the trailers, the rest of the show seemed cringe as usual.

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I don’t know whether I was lucky/unlucky, but the little I saw included watching the actor who performed as Lady D in Resident Evil 8 walk on to stage whilst wearing a dress that I thought could come apart at any time. I found it more tense than the game.

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