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Bullets and Blood : The Story of the Warner Brothers. Podcast.


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A podcast about a period of Hollywood I find absolutely fascinating.


The creator has made all three episodes available for free this december. 


This is an epic piece of Hollywood history brought to life. 


Well worth a listen on these cold winters night with a large brew. 




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I have listened to a few hours so far and, yes, this really is excellent.


Aside from a bit too much schmaltzy music and a tendency for the fella to do an accent it is extremely well presented and the story is fascinating and well told.


Incidentally, this is only the second podcast I have heard, the first being those Ricky Gervais/Karl Pilkington ones a very long time ago. 

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I've got a big issue with delivery in podcasts and YouTube and I just can't get past his delivery and cadence, really fucks me off. 


It's just so... effected, trying to make everything sound so profound. I mean at least it isn't the Clarkson cadence which is favoured by a load of brits on YouTube but I dunno, just grated. The subject matter is right up my street though so I might have to give it another go. 

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I loved this guy’s Hitchcock podcast, but this one annoyed me too much to finish it. It’s a combination of the unconvincing made-up dialogue, the fruity accents, and the ridiculous hyperbole in the descriptions, like the young Cagney punching someone so hard he lifted him three feet off the ground. I would struggle to believe that if it was mentioned in a podcast about the young Popeye, let alone Jimmy Cagney. 

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