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Seaquest (C64 port)

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Another 2600 to C64 port has arrived!





Well here's some good news to get us through this Friday which has been developed by H4plo, Marukpa and Richard Bayliss, is the Atari 2600 to C64 conversion/port of Seaquest; a video game written by Steve Cartwright for the Atari 2600 and published by Activision in 1983, in which playing as a submarine you need to shoot at enemies and rescue divers.


This is one of my favourite 2600 games and while it loses some of the vivid colour from the original (due to the different methods both machines create the screen) and feeling a little different it's about as good a port as could be done. It even keeps the little tricks like being able to halt the oxygen meter by peeking just above the surface with the sub's tower.


Download here https://h4plo.itch.io/seaquest






(Original below for comparison.)



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