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Forza Horizon 5 TT - Road Playa Azul Circuit

Boozy The Clown

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Nice job. I think opening it up to all classes is a good way to make it accessible to everyone rather than making it the preserve of those who are able to tame the S2 monsters and should create a nice range of mini competitions. Looking forward to putting some of my favourite cars through their paces. 👍

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The game is finally working with my wheel now (latest patch and Fanatec driver), so I'm in.  Haven't played much of the game (I had to do one of the story missions to unlock rivals mode :D ) so I don't have any decent cars to choose from, so I went for the A class to start with. 



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16 hours ago, pinholestar said:

Props to meatball for flinging a Dodge Viper around that course in record time. They’re a fucking nightmare to control even when you’ve tuned them within an inch of their lives. Chapeau! :hat:


Cheers! ^_^


Obviously it's not a relaxed leisurely drive lapping at those kind of times and maybe it's partly because I do tend to like the big muscle cars, but I thought it was a pretty nice stable and planted car around there. So much so that I wanted to stick with it after my first attempt with it in standard spec got beat, so I went and upgraded it with some weight reduction hoping that would allow it to get round a bit quicker, which worked out ok.

When it (if it hasn't been already) gets beaten I think I've still got the final weight reduction to go and a few PI points left over to maybe add an air filter or something before it hits 900 which hopefully will let it go better still.

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10 hours ago, TehStu said:

Well, I had a few fun laps in the BRZ before my dog broke my concentration. I like this format, hopefully there's enough of us to make a good spread of times across the classes. Plus I got rewarded 2 cars, nice.


You have had  (😉) exactly the same lap time as me in the C class league, yet I'm 2 places ahead of you on the leaderboard?




I wonder if it's because you have 1 of the  assists on (ABS)?

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