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Happy 40th Birthday, the BBC Micro


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On 03/01/2022 at 18:32, luth714 said:

Wonder what happened to all the Beebs in schools? Teachers took them home? Ended up in the bin?


im trying to think of an adventure game we had around 87 at school - was a kinda maze/ mostly text adventure, but there was one puzzle which wanted you to cut a key which fit 4 different locks which were showed on screen (just out of textured block character squares)


Suburban Fox was one we played loads - think we presumed there would be an “end” if you managed to uncover the whole map, when obviously it was supposed to be a life sim where you’re trying to stay alive as long as possible but any random encounter may kill you.



My friends' parents who were teachers certainly took the ones from their school, when the school upgraded to PCs and Archimedes. 

Always used to take them home in the holidays, too.

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